Nightmare | A U |

"He told her his her worst nightmare. This is hell, she wouldn't ever gotta fight fear His spirit floats around in the night air Or in her day dreams, that's how death seems."


2. t w o

Stirring, only feeling a sting of pain run through my body, stopped trying to even lift my arm a groan escaping my lips.

"Your awake." A voice, raspy and following with a deep chuckle.

Fluttering my eyes open, a gasp came into me quickly sitting up on the couch that I laid on. Coughing as trying to catch my breath.

The figure stood in front of me, well more like admiring through the books he had collect trough out his whole book collection.

His blonde hair up in a nice quiff, all natural with tint of brown from his roots. His back was faced towards me, the light enter from the big window that was on the far left side of the room.

The house seemed very unfamiliar, black t-shirt formed his well fit body, skinny black jeans.

How did I got here..?

"There something beside the table there, noodle soup with tea." His accent made his voice raspy, Australian.

I felt very uncomfortable in the book room I was, living room I'll say. I wanted to panic, but my senses knew I shouldn't. Glancing over beside the table laid a fancy white bowl, soup in it and next to it a cup of tea. Steam still came from it.

"Thanks." I simply mumble, I needed to get back home.


Is Lexi okay..?

I felt myself anxious.

He was chuckling setting the book back in its exact place. Turning over, his blue bright eyes melting into mine. My breath hitched, nods slowly.

"You must be..?" His eyebrow rose glancing at me with admiration.


"Short for..?"


His lips purses in a straight thin light, taking a seat next to me on the arm chair. He wasn't as impress. Awkwardness filled the house, it was quite and all intense feeling.

"Slow down your breathing and maintain calm. Don't feel pressure. Your safe here, you'll be back home later ." His expression was emotionless, speaking out in a simple instructed way.

"Why am I here then?"

"Found in a tragic accident."

"Accident..? How.. Did it occur?"

"You ask lots of questions, you need more rest now." His voice growled in annoyance. He seemed quickly ticked off, his jaw clenches getting up and walking towards a hall.

Well I'm sorry.

My mind was all tangled up in thoughts, looking around trying to find my coat. It laid across from me on the table that stood in the middle, well coffee table. My phone laid beside it as it seemed untouched.

Reaching for my advice quickly, unlocking the screen. No missed calls. No texts. The time was 2:34 pm. I over slept trough the afternoon. Frowning deeply, scrolling though my contacts to call Lexi.



"It's very impolite of you to use your phone as you have a conversation with someone." He walked back in holding a glass of a sort of drink he was drinking. A wickly smirk on his lips, ending the call and glaring up at him.

"You left. I don't know you, and I need to get home!" I defended back. Of course, he got mad on me asking few questions about my accident.. At least I wanted to thank him but that's the least thing I wanted to do now.

His face seemed careless, only as he tip the glass against his lips, glides his tongue across his lower lip setting the cup on the coffee table.

"Then let's get to know each other? It wouldn't hurt a bit." His face cocked to the side giving me a stupid type of look.

He was all kind ish, now his all.. I don't even know.

Breath Becca. You don't know what he could do. You don't even know where you at. Maybe a murder house..?

"Stop over thinking things now, Rebecca." His voice breaking trough my thoughts.

"You read minds or something? Edward Cullen are you?" Sticked in twilight in there, it just as he simply could read what's in my mind. It just not something to be fawn about.

"Your face, the way you furrow your

eyebrows and keep your distance in for a few seconds." His voice was cut in smooth, deep Australian accent, sits back against the couch that he sat on.

I stiffen up sitting in a more presentable way. I didn't know what to say, it only passed a few minutes without me looking at him or saying something.

"You are boring." He snickered. Only giving him a glare with a deep frown.


"How so?"

"Your just sitting there, waiting for some unicorn come through the window!" His chuckle was humours, his finger slid around the rim of the glass looking down at him laughing under his breath.

"You never told me your name, I spoke my own." He smiled softly, glancing over at me. "Luke. Luke Hemmings." His dimples were presentable. I always had something for dimples.

"Now do you wanna skip out? Head upstairs..? " his voice was raspy, and very intense.

I glares at him, my fingers clenched, taking a steady breath getting up taking my phone and jacket with no hesitation. Ignoring his ignorant look he had, going toward the door. I didn't bother looking back at him, I needed to get back and not even look back. I'll find a taxi or call one halfway as I make my way out.

Feeling his footprints following behind.

Opening the door, my eyes gaze across the figure that stood in front of me.

"Well fuck." Luke cursed under his breath loud enough to hear him.

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