Nightmare | A U |

"He told her his her worst nightmare. This is hell, she wouldn't ever gotta fight fear His spirit floats around in the night air Or in her day dreams, that's how death seems."


1. o n e

His blue eyes, brighter than anything that was blur. Rim of darkness around them, brighten up as his face lid up to look through the distance. His face texture was flawless, his jawline perfect down the light colour skin, his blonde hair in the most close perfect quiff.

"Robin!" The tug on my arm causing me to jump in fear. The music was loud, my surrounding crowded.

"Enjoy! One night only!" Lex slurred, her black hair was let loose from the bun she had when we came in. Her fingers taped down against the red cup she held.

"You promised you wouldn't get drunk!" I said loud enough for her to listen. Scowling at her as she gave me a simple 'You know me' look. She can't keep promises and I keep falling for it.

"Loosen up now. If your gonna be so mother like. Leave me alone I'm a grown women, Robert!" Her voice slurred, knowing she took more than she had suppose to. Her temper was ticking off, pushing past my shoulder bleeding into the crowd.

My head ache, feeling dizzy at the smell and sound. Walking over to the booth that held out coats, handing the man a tip as he handed my black button coat.

It was one of those club, where only certain people are allow to come in. VIP only apparently, Lexi boyfriend owns it. One of the finest man I met, I feel as his to well for Lexi.

No I'm not jealous, I'm not the jealous type. I'm not. I have my own fiancée.

Yeah, realising I haven't talked to him in what seems forever when honestly only been a week.

Taking my iPhone out the pocket of my coat, walking out the back black door. It was peaceful and quite, only the vibration that held from the loud crowd and music as I stepped out; the cool air meets across my cheek.

Exhaling in the fresh air, running my hand through my dark hair. Glancing down at the bright screen of myself, sliding the unlock button; pressing the contact section as I looked for his name.

It maybe early in London. Yes that's where he is at the moment, finishing up his training.

Pressing the call button, couple rings till the familiar voice.


A smile crawled on my lips, that feeling of a teenage girl who has been called and looked by her crush.

"Chris." Finally letting my breath settle out,

His been in London for couple months, that's where his want us to settle, I do as well. His finishing up his FBI agent training. He proposed after his graduation, during dinner at his parents. It was a shock of surprise, brining me down into tears. Of course any girl would say yes.

The wedding be planned after I graduate, smiling at the thought as he waits down the end of the aisle. I walking towards him holding onto my fathers arm.

After talking for a while, his voices was sad. I was tired, I wasn't going to wait for Lexi. She could catch along with her boyfriend. We exchanged 'I love you's' and 'Our GoodBye's'

Glancing either side of the dark way alley, walking towards the left. I'll call a taxi out the side to take me home. I honestly don't worry about Lexi much at the moment.

Clenching my coat close, my hair tangles in a strong breeze. It wasn't a good idea to walk here alone, feeling intense as the dark night rose into some fear.

My legs moved faster, patter along toward the end of the alley. Feeling the chase of someone.

A face, quick motion body appear across my path.

A man. Only the flick shine of the moon showed half his face. Soft texture, my eyes only widen in sudden fear.

"I didn't see you there." My breath hitched, my muscle feeling unmovable.

His blue eyes shaded into mine, gaping my mouth as only I stood frozen. My body felt numb, his lips mouth some couple of words that I couldn't catch along.

Till then, my body went dumb. Knees weak as a moan escaping my lips clenching my hand against the man chest, feeling his hand pressed against my cheek, leaning aside to his touch.

Darkness came across.

His smirk faded into my dark...

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