never expect

Ellina is a directioner who really love one direction & she has an amazing voice to know her story & what's happened with her just read ;)


2. Camp PoP

Ellina's pov. after two days I wake up & im so excited it's the day that I'll go camp pop in I took a shower & done my hair them I prepared my bags &all of my things then I go downstairs to have sometime with my parents before I go to the camp "hello!" I said ... "hey good morning honey"my mum said "why are u awake so early?"asked dad "cuz I wanna have sometime with u before I go to the camp "oh my dear we're gonna miss u"my mum said "I'm gonna miss u too"I said...I seat with them for long time then I said good bye & hugged them saying I'll miss u so much & thank u I drove my car & took my way finally I've arrived , I put my bags in my room then I'm so fucking happy & excited I saw a lot of peoples outside .. but all of them were with their friends & I'm just alone I walked on the beach then I found a girl called kellin she said hey I'm kellin , I said hey im ellina "is it your first year here ?!"she asked "yeah it's my first but I liked this place"I said "u are going to have so much fun here"she said I haven't say another word 'cuz there's a voice coming from the speakers on the walls saying"gather around guys at the stage" So me & kellin go to the stage there was the ruler of the camp she introduced her self & told us about the camp's rules then she said that there's a special surprise for this year & if we wanna know it so we will gather after the dinner at the stage I'm so excited to know what's the surprise is ? After I had taken my dinner with kellin we went to the stage .... the ruler said & now it's surprise time .. & the light went off...
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