Time Lady || Hiatus

Sequel to Timebaby

Daisy is 4 years old, and ever since the Dream Makers, the Time Lords' life has been normal- or at least, as normal as life can get for the last family of Time Lords.

But, all this changes when a familiar face returns...

Original cover photo by wrongdimension.tumblr.com

Dedicated to DoctorWho23, for frequently commenting on (and favouriting) my Movellas.


2. Presents

'Hey, Daisy? Come out here, there's a surprise for you!'

Daisy's head shot up at the sound of her mother's words. She ran out of her bedroom and gasped as she saw all of the presents in front of her.

'Can I open them now?' She squealed.

'Yes, of course!' River said.

Daisy started with the one from Amy and Rory. She carefully untied the ribbon, then ripped open the wrapping paper. Inside was a box, which she quickly opened up.

She saw a tiny little magnetic box, in the shape of a star. She 'oohed' at it, then opened the lid. A whole galaxy shone in the air above her. She could touch the planets and the stars, which were warm.

'What galacky is it?' Daisy asked.

'It's the Milky Way, where we come from.' Amy stated. 'There's Earth, the green and blue one. Try touching one of the clouds.'

The clouds were soft and fluffy on Daisy's fingers.

'How did you get this? It looks to alien-y to be from Earth.'

'Your daddy took us to a special shop on a gift planet.'

'Thank you! I love you!' Daisy said as she ran up and hugged Amy and Rory.


Daisy spotted a little red cushion with something on it.

'What's that?' She asked.

'That's your present from the TARDIS. Shut your eyes and hold out your hands.' River smiled.

When Daisy opened her eyes, there was her very own miniature sonic screwdriver in her hands.

Her eyes widened and she jumped up and down.

'You have to be very careful with it, okay? Don't lose it, it's very special. I'll teach you how to use it.' The Doctor said.

Daisy nodded in excitement.

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