Time Lady || Hiatus

Sequel to Timebaby

Daisy is 4 years old, and ever since the Dream Makers, the Time Lords' life has been normal- or at least, as normal as life can get for the last family of Time Lords.

But, all this changes when a familiar face returns...

Original cover photo by wrongdimension.tumblr.com

Dedicated to DoctorWho23, for frequently commenting on (and favouriting) my Movellas.


1. Photographs

'Daddy!' Daisy squealed as the Doctor walked through the TARDIS doors. They were going to stay at Amy and Rory's house for Daisy's 4th birthday.

Daisy stopped as Amy and Rory walked in behind the Doctor.

'Daddy, they're not doing the thing. Why aren't they asking why it's bigger on the inside? I don't like them.'

'River!' Amy shouted as River came walking in.

The pair almost ran into each other as they hugged. Rory smiled, but walked up to Daisy instead. He sat down on the floor cross-legged in front of her.

'Hello, I'm Rory.' He said. 'I'm your grandfather.'

Daisy turned her head to the side.

'But you look too young.' She folded her arms. 'Are you a Time Lord too? Did you regen-regene... Regegrerat... Change your face?'

Rory smiled again and shook his head.

'I'm human, and I am young to be your grandfather, but it's too hard to explain how I'm your mummy's daddy. Too timey-wimey for me to understand, sometimes.'

'How do you know my Daddy?'

'I used to go travelling with him, but I kept dyi- me and Amy decided to settle down.'

'Is that one Amy?' She pointed to Amy, who was watching over them happily.

'Yes, she's your grandma.'

'Oi, it's Nana.' Amy corrected, before walking over to Daisy. 'Can you show me around your room? Your mummy tells me that it's really nice.'

Daisy grabbed Amy and Rory's hands and proceeded to drag them to her bedroom, the Doctor and River following closely behind.


'The TARDIS picked out the colours, they're my favourite. Purple and blue, like the galacky. She also made me this when I was a baby.' She pointed to her blue onesie, which was in her wardrobe. 'And this is my picture wall, it's got me and my family and my friends on it. I think I need one of you! Daddy, have you got the picture-taker?'

The Doctor held up a camera and nodded.

'Okay, everybody stand up against that wall.' The Doctor pointed to the opposite wall, which was fairly blank, with only a few pictures Daisy had drawn. 'Right, now, one the count of 3, everybody say “cheese!”. Ready? 1, 2, 3!'


The Doctor took the photo and stopped to look at it.


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