Notice Me<3

Being a twin it's hard to make a name for yourself. Everyone thinks of you as a package deal, it's quite annoying actually. Since my mother is an assistant manager to Mr.Cowell, we live on the road. It's hard to make any real friends so all I really have in my life is my mother and my siblings. Then there's the bands we help watch over. There's never a dull moment with any of them, it seems like the spot light follows them all over the place. Is there really any room for me? What will happen when my feelings begin to fade through? Can I survive this fast pace lifestyle I've grown up in? Read and Find out! x


2. Boys.

Allison’s POV:

I sat in the chair next to Cameron with a towel wrapped around me. He wrapped his arm around me trying his best to comfort me. I buried my face in my knees trying my hardest not to cry my eyes out.

“What’s wrong with her?” The guy with green eyes asked annoyed.

“She can’t swim asshole.” Jasmine snapped at him.

“How was I suppose to know that?” He groaned.

“Who just pushes a girl they don’t know into the pool?” Jasmine rolled her eyes causing the guy to shrug and walk away annoyed.

“Are you okay Ally?” Kyle asked.

“Y-yeah..” I mumbled.

“Ignore Harry he’s an ass.” Cam smiled softly at me. I smiled softly at him before leaning my head on his shoulder. Being around Cameron always makes my day better. When we were younger we would always be together. Our parents couldn’t separate us no matter how hard they tried.

“Come meet everyone.” Kyle said standing up.

“Do I really…” I groaned.

“Yes.” They all said before Cam pulled me out of the seat. I clung to his arm as we walked past the pull over to a small tented area. Inside were the girls we met earlier and a bunch of boys.

“Hey Jade can you introduce the girls to everyone?” Cameron asked smiling at her. He doesn’t smile at people like that, that was a smile that was usually only for me. So something must be up between them. I’ll find out later.

“Sure.” She smiled at him before linking arms with me and Jasmine. We followed her over towards the group of males. When we got closer they all turned their heads to look at us.

“Who are they?” One of the guys asked. He had messy brown hair and bright blue eyes.

“These are Cameron’s sisters.” Jade smiled. I softly smiled, I like this girl.

“Really?!” They all gasped.

“Let me guess you’re Ally.” A guy with messy hair, brown eyes, and a pierced eyebrow said pointing at me. He had a smirk glued to his lips.

“Yes I am.” I smiled at him.

“That’s Wesley.” Jade said. “Next to him is his brother Keaton, their other bandmate is in the pool swimming, his name is Drew.”

“Hi.” Keaton smiled at me.

“Next to him is Louis, Zayn, and Liam.” Jade continued. “Niall is getting something to eat, again, while Harry just disappeared.”

“We already met him.” Jasmine groaned crossing her arms.

“That doesn’t sound good.” Louis laughed.

“Behind them is Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael.” Jade said ignoring Louis.

“Rude…” Louis muttered. Jade just smiled and shrugged before walking away. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“She only has ears for your brother.” Zayn spoke up.

“Is there something between them?” Jasmine asked. Laughter spread throughout the boys causing uneasiness to emerge inside me.

“They’re dating.” Wesley chuckled.

“WHAT?!” We both gasped.

“What’s with all the noise?” I turned my head slightly to see a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes. His lip was pierced.

“Let me guess this is Luke?” I questioned the others.

“Ding ding.” Keaton chuckled.

“Who’s this?” Luke asked.

“Ally.” Wesley stated.

“No way!” He gasped before wrapping his arms around me hugging me tightly. Nervously I hugged him too. When he pulled away his bright eyes glowed with so much happiness that I just couldn’t help but smile.

“Why are you hugging on my sister?” Cameron said walking up with a ice cream cone. He handed me the ice cream which made me smile with happiness. I took a seat next to Wesley and started munching on the ice cream.

“Ally!” My heart almost jumped out of my chest when I heard my sister yelling for me. I walked over to her and peered over to where she was staring. A male with a muscular body was getting out of the pool. He wrapped a towel around his neck before he started walking towards us. “He’s so cute..” Jasmine whispered to me.

“Drew…?” I questioned as he passed us. He stopped and turned around causing Jasmine to gasp hoping that he didn’t hear her.

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