Remeber me?

Harry + Ari
I loved you with all my heart .
But fame tore us apart .


1. New chapter

•|Chapter One|•

I remember it like it was yesterday . Such a perfect feeling . Relief . You could even say it was a miracle .

We'd been split for years . Management had forbidden us from seeing each other .

He had to have the 'sex appeal' for album sales

We were so close.

I'd met him on the set of iCarly .

Victorious was off scene and I decided to go over

He kept smiling at me , I gave him a wave and maybe a wink .

After they'd finalized everything he came over.

We talked for hours . I told him everything

We kissed deeply , ignoring the oohs and awes from the people passing .

We got closer over the years . I met Gemma , Anne , Steve , and Robin .

Gemma told me that Harry talked about me all the time and planned on proposing .

It was perfect , almost too perfect .

One day we were out in public . I had no makeup on , hoping no one would recognize me .

We were by a pond little duckies everywhere

"Oops my shoes untied ." He said giggling he bent down tied his shoe and pulled my hand closer

"I found this ." He said smirking and flashing a beautiful ring

Tears streamed down my face as I nodded .

Then "flash" .

The paps got us .

Harry wrapped me in his jacket and we ran back to the car .

The last thing he said to me was

"I love you Ariana , no matter what happens I always will." Then we were pulled away from each other

I blew him a kiss before I was put in a separate limo

Management forbidded me from seeing him , they even took my ring .

The calls , the texts , the facetimes dwindled

Now we weren't talking at all .

I picked up my phone .

I texted

'If this is still your number Harry , I'm coming to you flat today . Ily ~ari '

I was in la for some recordings in the studio for a couple weeks .

I hope he hadn't moved on .

I hope his still would 'be mine'

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