Miami's Arrival

I got a kitten, Miami, and here is her life from her point of view.


2. After the first day

 The people here are nice to me. The younger and smaller people wanted to be with me. The older cat didn't bother me much. When the young she person held me, the cat came, growled, and hissed at me. I tried to scare here away by growling and hissing myself, but I was still trembling in the end.

 The next day, the male people left. The she people brung me into a room and let me play for a little bit. It was so much fun! I ran around, played with toys and red lazers, and got to have a little nap on the young she human. I heard the words Miami, Mom, Dad, Scotty, and Linda a lot. I think one of them is my name.

 The old cat walked up to me and sniffed me, growled, and walked away. I wasn't sure why she didnt like me, I havn't even been here for a week. After being disapointed, I went back into the crate, and fell asleep there. I hope the people like me, and I hope the old cat will like me.

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