100 Words To Say

Some say love doesn't last, and odds are we all die alone. Maybe, just maybe, we can beat the odds.


1. Chapter One

Some say that love never lasts. That we all die alone. That love doesn't exist. They say that love is a false statement that one person says to another person to show affection.

I would like to believe otherwise. I would like to believe that love does last somehow, and that we die knowing that we are loved. I would like to believe that love does exist. Especially true love.

Unfortunately, if you are like me, you don't fully understand love until many years of foolish crushes and one or two "major" heart breaks.

The point is, we all find love. All of us. It's not our choice weather the other person likes us or not. It's just how the world works.

Honestly. I had given up. I was done with feelings and done with hoping and done with trying. Done with it all.

That is, until, someone walked into my life without realizing.

A/N: this is all fictional characters. I am using real feelings though. This is dedicated to a very special love of mine, who of which has changed my life and given me a reason to smile every day. Thank you for reading an I hope you enjoy it. More to come!!!

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