Daydreams and boys


1. goosebumps and smiles

I've been eyeing our new neighbors for about 2hrs now and no I'm not a stalker or maybe I am. Meh, I don't really know but there is something fishy going on about these people. I got goosebumps thinking about the guy. He can't be famous because who would want to move into the other half of our duplexe in the middle of nowhere? I mean he could have it as a getaway but Canada? Really?

I continue gazing at him as he makes his way to the trampoline in his backyard. I open my blinds more to get a better view. I swear that's Justin Bieber. I froze a little inside as I was correct. He took off the sunglasses and hat before hoping on and jumping. I made my way out of my window and sat on my roof. Since Justin Bieber lives next to me, why not become friends? "Having fun there?" I ask smirking as he finishes a back flip. He looks surprised as to wear the voice is coming from, he looks to the right and locks eyes with me. "Come find out" he replies doing another flip. Your heart pounds faster and faster as you make your way down by climbing onto the fence inbetween the house. "Are you even allowed to invite random girls over?" You ask taking your shoes off. "Not at all but I really don't give a fuck. You won't kidnap me and take me underground and keep me there till I'm 50, will you?" He asks lightly jumping "ah shit. Now my plan is ruined" you reply jumping from side to side. You both laugh as you two continue prancing on the trampoline. "Justin, who is she?" A deep voice asked from behind. You stop in your place and turn around. "I'm Lux Marie, I'm here to kidnap Justin" you say hopping off and greeting yourself. The man looked worried. "Ha, I'm just kidding. I live on the other half of this duplexe" you finish off smiling and putting your hand out. "Funny one I see. I'm Kenny, nice to meet you" he says chuckling "ah, I knew I knew you" you say smiling and walking back to the trampoline. "So your name is Lux Marie? What a beautiful name for a gorgeous girl" he says brushing your hair to the side. "Haha your charm won't work on me, buddy boy" you say patting his face. In reality you were getting massive goosebumps and your heart was beating faster than ever. "Oh, it will eventually" he says smirking.

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