Daydreams and boys


2. fantasy

"Are we even allowed back here?" I asked out of breathe. "Most likely not but I don't give a fuck" he responded while pushing me against the cement wall. Such a turn on when he swears. Our lips crashed together as his hands started to roam my body, his delicious lips pulled from mine and made their way to my neck. "J-Justin" I moaned in pleasure. "Lux" he moaned back "Lux" I smirked as he moaned my name again "lux" he said more sternly. "What?" You mumbled getting all tingly inside "open your eyes" he says. It takes you a few seconds to open your eyes and get back to reality. "Had a good dream about me?" He asked smirking above me "what the fuck? How'd you get into my house? What time is it? Why are you on my bed?" You asked confused and startled "I found this door in my basement and it led me to your house and since no one is home I came to wake you up. SUPRISE!" He yells jumping up and down. "Justin. I haven't even known you for a day and you're annoying me" you say covering your face with your pillow "poor you" he replies getting down and walking into your walk-in closet. "I have personal things in there" I say racing out of bed to stop him which obviously made him run and close the doors. "Justin" I say firmly banging on the door "who is ittt?" He asks in a high pitched voice. 'What the fuck' you thought laughing like a little kid. "Get out" you say banging on the door again. He slides it open at a fast speed and you end up hitting him in the chest "I'm sorry" you say surprised. "Ouch." He replies putting his hand where I hit and pouting. "Man up" you say rolling your eyes and walking back to your bed. "So, plans for today?" You ask covering yourself up again. "Lunch, movies, hiking. Anything" he says sitting at the end of my bed. "Yknow I just met you yesterday and it just feels like I've known you for so long. You're already comfortable in front of me and I am with you. This is a good start" you reply smiling. "Is someone getting a little crush on me?" Justin asks with a sly smirk. "Uh no. Just because million of other girls want you doesn't mean I do" you say defensive. "Yet" he adds on. You shake your head and make your way towards your bathroom. "You can watch tv or something while I shower" you say behind you. You close the door and lock it behind you while leaning against it and sighing 'I'm friends with Justin Bieber. THE Justin Bieber' you think and smile. "HURRY UP IM BORED" you hear Justin yell from the other side of the door.

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