This is basically a movella full of a lot of things. Some chapters will have quotes with my interpretation of them, some chapters will have advice on different things, some may be me just stating my opinion, everything like that. The aim of this is to help you guys out and give you some advice that helps me and overall make you happy :)


6. Worry.

"Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of it's strength."

I am a big worrier. It's not anxiety, it's not that bad, it's just a lot of worry and it's worry about stupid things, really. I worry about forgetting something for school, I worry about films that are being made, I worry about going off things I used to love, I worry about change, I worry about my friends, I worry about falling out with my friends (though that never happens), I worry about my fears. I worry about things that just really do not concern me and that I should just not worry about. For example, recently I've been pretty worried about a couple of celebrities I'm a fan of that are going through a hard time and that's not really something I should be worried about. I should be concerned and sorry, but I shouldn't sit and worry about it! I'm just a worried person and worry doesn't seem like a real word anymore now I've said it so much.

I love this quote. It's very true. Just because you're worrying about say, an upcoming exam, does that mean the exam will be any easier? Just imagine you've got a test on Friday and it's Tuesday. You're worrying so much but when Friday comes, the fact that you worried won't mean anything. All it means is you've wasted a perfectly good day worrying!

So really, worrying does not accomplish anything at all :)

Katy x

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