This is basically a movella full of a lot of things. Some chapters will have quotes with my interpretation of them, some chapters will have advice on different things, some may be me just stating my opinion, everything like that. The aim of this is to help you guys out and give you some advice that helps me and overall make you happy :)


4. Taylor Swift.

I'm warning you, this may not be as inspiring as much as it's me ranting a little, but there are still things to be taken from it haha :)

If you hate Taylor Swift, then feel free to just click away from this but it'd be fabulous if you heard me out. Thanks :D

Okay so this Christmas I got tickets for me and my best friend Izzy (IzzyGizzard here on movellas, go check her out, she's amazing!) to go and see Taylor Swift at the O2 arena in London and oh my god I'm so excited, but that's irrelevant. Basically, I am a massive fan of hers and it's not even just a case of me liking her and her music, it's like a huge part of my life. Like Directioners and One Direction or my friend Ebony (Mrs Malfoy here on movellas, go check her out, she's awesome!) and Phantom of the Opera. 

Basically, I love Taylor Swift and I get really protective of her. People are so so horrible about her for no reason! I don't know whether they're jealous or dislike her music or what. Whatever the reason, it's absolutely no excuse to be so spitefully horrible about her. 

I have no structured plan to this chapter, I'm just kind of winging it. But firstly, people call her a slut just because she's known for writing songs about her boyfriends. Every artist writes songs about their experiences, especially in love and romance and such things. People also say she shouldn't write songs about them, but that's just her being fearless (if you get that reference, there's a 99% chance I love you) and doing what every other artist does but just a little bit more outrageous. I mean, she has more grammies than she's ever had boyfriends, so that shows she's doing something right, surely. 

And she doesn't just write songs to get back at boys! She does it to share her experiences and write things that people can relate to and help people get through things. If you're heartbroken, then there is nothing better than to listen to a good sad Taylor song. If you're mad, then there's a Taylor song for it.

And the love songs aren't always "You broke up with me, I hate you, you're going to regret it." There's barely any of those anyway! They are about how she was enchanted to meet them, or how happy they are together. They're nice. 

It's not even just love songs anyway, there's a song for her friend who was bulimic called Tied Together with a Smile, all about young girls who may not feel good enough. It's partly to tell them that they are beautiful and they shouldn't doubt themselves, but it's also just about how they are feeling and how bad it is, because sometimes you just don't want somebody to tell you it's okay, you just want somebody to listen and say "yeah this is pretty damn awful isn't it?".

Then there's the song called Ronan, which I've written about before. There is Long Live which is for all of her fans, about how how one day we'll be remembered and we're gonna have awesome lives and such things. There's change which is simliar. 

There's just so much variety and so many lovely songs, including love songs, yes. I think if people can't get past the gossip of who she's dating and just choose to hate her, then I'm sorry but in my opinion, that makes them very close minded. It's fine if you know about her music and don't like her, even if you don't like her as a person. Like my friend Ebony doesn't like her music or her as a person and has recently stopped saying mean things about her. That's fine, absolutely, but it's when you don't listen to her music, don't look past the gossip and say horrible horrible things about her, then that's when I lose respect for you. 

Because she's amazing. I mean, come on, she is a 24 year old girl with four albums, sold out world tours with her flying over the audience and fireworks and she's inspiring people everywhere. She's done so much in seven years and even if you hate her, you've got to admit, she is one impressive girl with an amazing career. If you can't even admit that, then wow.

She's been working since she was sixteen. She missed out on prom and college and has been pushed down over and over by boys, critics, school, everybody. But she has had a seven year career and done so much and she is just so happy. I guess the point of this is half for me to just rant and half of me asking that if you're one of the people who hate her for no reason then just to give her a chance. If you don't like her after that, then that's fine, but just give her a chance before you hate her. Or don't give her a chance and don't hate her. I don't know.

Thanks for reading :) 

Katy x

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