This is basically a movella full of a lot of things. Some chapters will have quotes with my interpretation of them, some chapters will have advice on different things, some may be me just stating my opinion, everything like that. The aim of this is to help you guys out and give you some advice that helps me and overall make you happy :)


14. Favourites!

Hello guys :) I really don't know what made me think of this and I don't know what made me think that you'd find it interesting, I just thought it'd be pretty fun to do. It's always nice to know that you have a favourite of something, for some unknown reason. So by all means, skip this chapter, it's just something I feel like doing for fun :

Favourite colour:

My favourite colour is yellow at the moment, just because it's a very happy colour but I also love silver because, well, silver is cool.

Favourite song:

If you read the chapter before this, you'll know that my favourite song is Enchanted by Taylor Swift (you may know that if you read my movella 'Wonderstruck' as well! If you don't read it, then it'd be lovely of you to check it out, but of course you don't have to!). I don't know, I just think it's a magical song with a lovely story behind it. Words can't describe my love for that song. 

Favourite artist/band:

Well, that's not obvious at all. Obviously Taylor Swift. What a lovely, happy, wonderful, magical, positive, kind, caring, strong, funny, beautiful woman she is. She's just the best kind of person and her music is amazing whether it's a slow ballad like Sad Beautiful Tragic, an angry song like Haunted, a funny song like We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, or a magical song like Treacherous. 

Favourite show:

You may also know this about me. It's 90210. It just deals with serious topics which make me think and have changed my view on things and made me realise things about the world. It's also hilarious, just some of the things the characters come out with make me laugh. You get attached to the characters in the best way. Plus, it's a bit of a guilty pleasure. Sometimes, you do just think 'really? Did that really happen?' and just sometimes, you know it's a bit cheesy but you still love it anyway. Overall, I just love the characters and the story line and what happens with the relationships and everything like that.

Favourite film:

I decided not too long ago that The Lovely Bones is my favourite film. I haven't read the book but it's definitely my favourite film. For one, seeing as I want to be an actress, I am in awe of the acting so much, just like anybody probably is. Also, the story line is amazing, it really makes you think and the way the acting portrays it is incredible. Finally, it's just the way that the film is made. The way they create tension not only with the acting but with the music and the camera and everything is just amazing. It's also visually stunning. I just think anybody who wants a career in film (and anybody else) will be in awe of this film. 

Favourite book:

The Perks of being a Wallfower is most likely my favourite book of all time. Any of you who have read it will know why and if you haven't read it, I cannot reccomend it enough. It's just so different and just overall good. I could talk about it for hours, but I really think you should find out for yourself. The film is amazing and if any have you have seen the film but not read the book or the other way around, you won't be disappointed. This never happens, but I liked the film and the book equally and I actually liked Patrick more in the film (although I adore him in the book too). I just think it's a story everybody has to experience, whether you watch the film or read the book.

Favourite book/film series:

My favourite series overall is Harry Potter, both the films and the books. But I also love the book series 'Starcrossed' and I love Twilight and The Hunger Games too. But Harry Potter, I just think it's so incredibly made and I absolutely adore the story. Not much more needs to be said :)

Favourite author:

Why... how do I choose? It's definitely between John Green and Stephenie Meyer and JK Rowling. I think they're just going to have to be a tie. I love all of the stories that they've created of course. John Green's way of writing is just so capturing and he just tells the story in an amazing way. He writes stories that you remember, you remember quotes from John Green books. I just think he's an amazing author and an amazing person. I love Stephenie Meyer because her writing just pulls you in. The Twilight series and The Host are all books that I have been so into while I'm reading them. She just uses her writing to create these worlds and stories that I fall in love with. And of course, JK Rowling. She created Harry Potter and I love reading her books and I love the way she's written the Harry Potter books. I just love her.

Favourite movella that you've written:

Ugh this is difficult. I think I'm going to have to go with a top three. I think I probably have to go with It's Kind Of A Coincidence, Stay and Maybe You Should Go. I don't know, with It's Kind Of A Coincidence, I feel like I just got things in there that I was proud of and messages in there that I wanted to get across and I was pretty proud of the story line. With Maybe You Should Go, I just really enjoyed writing it. With Stay, it's similar to It's Kind Of A Coincidence, I'm just pretty proud of the way I wrote it and where I went with the story line and things like that. I'm sorry if those things came across as big headed, they weren't meant to haha. 

Favourite movella that you've read:

I'm going with top four this time, in no particular order! I love 'You Found Me' by CorkyPorky. It hasn't finished yet, but so far, it's amazing. Again, I haven't finished reading it yet, but I also love 'Undeniable Love' by Love2Write. Another amazing movella is 'April' by IzzyGizzard. It's only a short one for a competition, but it's really beautiful. And finally, I love 'Leave' by Little Lotte. It's not finished yet, but it's a very interesting concept and very well written.

Favourite place:

I don't know. I don't know why I put questions in that I don't know the answers to. I guess in a weird way, I really love where I live now. It may not come across as the nicest place, but it's where I have a lot of fun with my friends and where I have a lot of memories and there are some beautiful spots around here. 


Well that was that very boring, pointless chapter for you. Hopefully you've got some things to watch/read out of that if nothing at all and if not, I'm very sorry haha. Thank you for reading :) 

Katy x

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