This is basically a movella full of a lot of things. Some chapters will have quotes with my interpretation of them, some chapters will have advice on different things, some may be me just stating my opinion, everything like that. The aim of this is to help you guys out and give you some advice that helps me and overall make you happy :)


11. Duke of Edinburgh

One very recent experience I had was the Duke of Edinburgh award. If you don't know what that is, I encourage you all to look it up further and see if you're interested! Basically, you have to do three months of two things and six months of another and you have to do Physical, Volunteering and Skill. Then you go on a training expedition and then your real expedition. 

Me and my best friend Isobel did it together and we have done three months of physical. We ran every Saturday and that was so great. It made me feel healthier and happier. There was something about getting up early in the morning and completing something that was such a challenge, that I loved. I also did three months of learning a skill. We did guitar which was fun. We're still doing six months of volunteering which I actually really love. Me and Isobel became even closer (and we were already very close haha) with the volunteering because every month or so, we'd spend a day just outside doing the volunteering without much technology or anything like that and we'd just laugh and talk and it was so great.

We also recently did the expeditions which were hard work. For the expeditions, we walked about 12k on the first day and then camped at night and then walked 13k the next day. We had to carry everything with us as we walked and we had to put our tent up ourselves and cook by ourselves and things like that. It was hard work. Such hard work that makes me feel like I didn't enjoy them but I did. Sure, it was absolutely freezing at night and I didn't get much sleep at all but that was the most uncomfortable part and even that wasn't bad when we got to morning and me and Isobel would get up so early and run to the toilets to warm up. That part was especially hilarious when I fell over twice in a row on the way to warm up! But there were so many great parts to the expeditions. The walking was hard and the bags were very very heavy but it was really satisfying knowing that I'd done something so difficult. Also, on the walks, it was so much fun and so surreal when we'd have a break from walking and just lie there on the ground of the woods laughing (or singing Taylor Swift in mine and Isobel's case). We made so many friends that we wouldn't have if we hadn't done this. It was fun at night before we went to sleep (or not seeing as it was freaking freezing) when we'd all sit around in a circle telling stories and laughing and drinking hot drinks in the dark or when we played with the frisbee or the rugby ball (which we just chucked at our friend Travis haha).

There are just so many good things that have come from the whole experience. Not only memories, but skills and also something good to help me get into university. It's been so good for me that I feel like I have to share it with you guys in case you'd enjoy it as much as me. So I hope you feel inspired to do it and look it up or if you don't, I hope you enjoyed the thought of me falling over into all the frost at 5am twice in a row. 

Katy x

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