This is basically a movella full of a lot of things. Some chapters will have quotes with my interpretation of them, some chapters will have advice on different things, some may be me just stating my opinion, everything like that. The aim of this is to help you guys out and give you some advice that helps me and overall make you happy :)


9. Can we talk about youtube...

Youtube is fantastic. I love Youtube. It helps me feel better when I feel sad or alone and it always manages to make me laugh somehow. 

I think presumptions are made about things on Youtube. For example, when you say you like watching youtubers, people think that you just watch them because they're funny. I do watch them because they're funny, because they really are, but it's so much more than that. These people, these youtubers, don't know you. They have no idea personally who you are, but they know you're there and they make these videos to make you laugh. They make these videos to make you happy and to make them happy. I just love the sense of family it gives. I love the fact that the videos vary from sometimes being very deep and them trusting us with secrets or sometimes it's just the silliest thing you've ever seen. I'm going to talk about some youtubers that I absolutely love to death and why. 

Right now, when I think Youtube, I think Louise from SprinkleOfGlitter. She is my absolute favourite. There was a time where I just sort of ignored her channel but I always give people a chance and I'm so glad I gave Louise a chance. What a beautiful, positive, happy lady! There is never a time where I watch her videos and don't enjoy them. I love seeing her beauty videos and how she does things and I love seeing her vlogs and all the things that she does. I love love love seeing her vlogs with Baby Glitter because as my friends know, I want to be a mother one day, and I love seeing how Louise handles things. I love how she isn't small and how she really does not care and she looks beautiful in anything. She hasn't let society define her, she just rocks her amazing figure for what it is! Plus, she is hilarious. I just love Louise!

There is also Louise's best friend Zoe (Zoella)! She is so sweet and beautiful. I love her beauty channel because I do love the beauty side of Youtube but it's so much nicer to watch when you have such a lovely girl presenting it like Zoe. She is just happy and funny and charming and sweet and just like the big sister I never had. I love Louise and Zoe's chummy chatter videos because they really care and their advice really helps. I just think the two of them are such beautiful, positive spirits.

Of course we can't ignore Dan (danisnotonfire!). Dan was somebody who I put off watching for so long (I have no idea why!) and I'm so glad I watched him. Even my mum likes him! He's not necessarily one of those youtubers who is all about advice and helping and that's okay, he doesn't have to be! He's just so funny and he makes the funniest videos so sometimes when I feel down and I don't really want to watch something to help me with what I'm feeling down about, if I want to completely distract myself from it, I go to Dan because he's just hilarious. You can't be sad watching a Dan video. 

Emma Blackery is perfect. I mean, woah. That girl is not afraid. She will swear and cross lines in her videos but she's just so funny. She's like Dan, her videos are great to watch just because they are. Just because they're funny. But Emma also has a side of her where she can give the greatest and wisest advice. 

Tanya Burr is just incredible. She is so sweet and kind and beautiful! She is a beauty channel but like Zoella, I don't only watch her for the makeup tutorials. I just think she's so lovely and it's great to watch someone with so much light and happiness. She has her own lipgloss and nails range purely from being on Youtube and that's just so inspiring. She is engaged to another one of my favourites, Jim Chapman. I know it seems like I'm obsessed with people for their positivity, but he is just so light and funny and kind! Whenever my family are annoying me or mad at me, I just watch Jim's videos and he's so kind like he could never judge you. It's impossible not to be happy watching Jim Chapman! I also love Jim's sisters Pixiwoo because their tutorials are so great, they're like art and I love their passion for things. They're so kind and nice and talk about their lives. 

Of course I love a lot more youtubers than just those, but they are my absolute favourites. They're the ones I turn to when I feel like there is nobody else who can really cheer me up or understand what I mean and even though I don't speak to them and they don't really know who I am, it's so great to just have them always there. So I suggest watching youtubers. 

Do any of you guys like youtubers? Tell me which ones :) 

Katy x

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