Erudite is Divergence

Divergence is not what Beatrice expected but now she has to live with it. Her life is a roller coaster and she's go I g along for the ride. So now in an attempt to keep her head on straight she make decisions to plant herself around people who will keep her safe.


1. Under Pressure

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I sat in my seat silently watching. I'm sure I am shaking although that could just be the unsteady mind set I'm in. I watch as person after person took the stage and drew their blood. Faction before blood was taken very seriously and it's also one of the things that frightened me most.

Person after person.

Drop after drop.

Each time a person chose that meant they were closer to their future. It also meant...

I was closer to mine.

"Caleb Prior."

That was my brother. Which meant next would be me. I thought back to my conversation with Caleb yesterday. I thought about what I saw. He had all those books in his room. Of course it wasn't against Abnegation to read but, it wasn't like our faction to spend so much time doing it. Then he told me to do what was best for me. Something that was completely against Abnegation.

I watched as Caleb cut his hand and held it in front of him for a moment. Then just as it was about to drop he held it over the glass. I watched that tiny drop roll over the clear, shiny surface. What looked like a drop before now seemed like a waterfall. My heart was now beating faster than I thought it ever could. Then not making eye contact with anyone Caleb walked to join Erudite. A smug smile now covered their leader Jeanine's face.

My knees were shaking now and his words were echoing in my head. I reached the stage and looked out to my parents. My dad was giving a look that made it feel like the world rested in my hands. I thought about where I wanted to go and truly I didn't know. I didn't fit in anywhere. Divergence might well have been written on my face in permanent black ink. I couldn't escape it and I couldn't express it. So I thought of something that haunted my mind the most.

Being alone.

I held the knife in my shaking hand not even aware of when they handed it to me. It reminded me of the knife in the simulation. Would it have been this hard to have just picked it up and cut the dog? At least if I would have did that they would have known my faction was Dauntless. 
"Whenever you're ready." Said Marcus behind me.

I nodded and slid the knife across my palm. It was sharp and didn't take much effort to cut into my skin. This was it. I looked at the factions and for some reason my eyes kept flicking between Erudite and Abnegation. Erudite were virtually our enemies, although Caleb saw something in them that I may be able to learn to see.

Then Abnegation. My family and old friends were there. I never really felt selfless enough, but one could learn couldn't they? My mind wasn't quite made when the drop of blood started to fall and as if it was completely out of my control it fell onto a piece of glass. I quickly looked out to my parents and both of them looked shocked. Although my dad's shock looked more like pure anger and betrayal. It was too late now. I walked over to Erudite and Jeanine appeared more happy than should be possible.

This was clearly the beginning of something changing in me.

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