Erudite is Divergence

Divergence is not what Beatrice expected but now she has to live with it. Her life is a roller coaster and she's go I g along for the ride. So now in an attempt to keep her head on straight she make decisions to plant herself around people who will keep her safe.


2. Research

I walked through the halls of Erudite headquarters. It was quite huge glass building powered by the sun. It was truly amazing despite the fact they really did nothing fun in here. Erudite was all about knowledge. Everywhere you walked you'd be reading, stating facts, doing research, or whatever else would be considered I intelligent. 

For initiation all initiates were told to do a research project. The higher your score the better your job would be here in Erudite. I chose my topic to be the simulations. I wasn't really interested in the simulations but what they may lead me to. 

I was divergent and maybe if I could find out more about how the simulations worked and how they effected the brain, I'd be able to figure out what being divergent mean. Although today was my last day of research before I'd have to present my project, and unfortunately nothing I looked up has led me to divergence. 

As I entered the library I noticed it was full as usual. Then across the room out of the glass wall I could see Jeanine was briskly along the path towards an Erudite vehicle. Her expression was calm so I figured maybe she just naturally walked fast and everything was fine. Then as her car pulled off I could tell by the direction of her car she was heading to Dauntless headquarters. 

But why?

Once she was gone I head for her office. Of course she might have had cameras in there but by the time I reached her office it would take her a few minutes to return, which was all I needed. A few minutes later I was inside. She must have taken her important guards. Maybe she figured no one had seen her leave. 

On her desk was a computer. On the screen was nothing but words. She was still logged in and I was prepared to take full advantage of that. I typed in the word Divergent knowing if someone found out they'd just think Jeanine was finding information. So much popped up I didn't even know where to start. 

Apparently divergent people were dangerous and planned to be killed if not cured. There were formulas for cures that would make them normal. They were said to be one of the largest threats but I couldn't figure out a real reason why. And it seemed like I wouldn't know.

I had been to intent on the computer that I hadn't noticed Jeanine had returned. 

"What Do you think your doing?"

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