A guy wakes up to find himself in a zombie infested world only to be kidnapped by people from his past. he has random flashbacks that will eventual remind him who he is.


4. day 4

I had another flashback this time I was where I saw the female scientist get taken by the flying mutant I opened the doors to the main building and ran for the stairs. I ran up about three thousand steps I should have been exhausted after that but I wasn’t. When I reached the top I saw the scientist lying on the ground naked I went to walk over to her but that was when I noticed the thing on her belly. It looked like a slimy ball with 4 very long legs it had a mouth with hundreds of teeth. It was eating her from the belly and putting its legs into her as if she were a puppet. Once it had gotten into her it started playing with her parts testing them out. When it noticed me I ran toward the broken window she was thrown through and dived but as soon as I got close to the hole I smacked an invisible barrier. I hit the ground and rolled away from the inhibitor as my suit indicated. But the real threat wasn’t the inhibitor it was the big shadow behind it as it came into the light I realized it was the alpha he wore a red suit with light red trim he had a wicked plasma edged blade in each hand and his head looked more like a demon’s he had a glowing aura about him. We stared at each other for a while then he spoke and said “it’s a pity that the facility was destroyed but it was a joy to find out that you had survived only to be killed by me.” I retorted “I don’t think so ugly” and he lunged forward I dodged his first swipe of his twin blades but the second time around he hit me in the leg my shield flared red and my suits power supply died. I roared and punched the alpha in the face he tumbled back only to be stopped by his inhibitor. This was starting to get annoying because every time I got the upper hand it would get in the way or it would heal the alpha. I decided to kill the inhibitor so the next time the alpha lunged I quickly rolled past him and grabbed the inhibitor the alpha turned and swung his blade to fast and before he realized what he did it was too late he had sliced his partner in two. With the inhibitor out of the way his luck ran out he lunged and I dodged his attack when he was still recovering I quickly jumped on him a tore off his arm which was surprisingly easy. He managed to shake me off and stagger backwards he then said “it’s time I finished this no more games.” He started at his stump of an arm and it started to grow back I stared in disbelief. He then muttered something under his breath and he literally became a flaming creature he lunged at me and burned my arms. He melted clean through my armor while I was still in shock he stabbed me in the stomach with his blades and I hit the ground everything was blurring. As he stepped closer to finish me off he stopped and looked behind him his face drained of color. But the sound I heard next was an adrenalin rusher because what I heard was the sound of a hand cannon charging and from behind him three lasers shot him and made him retreat. And as soon as he was gone I saw a white light and I heard voices then I woke up. Green was standing over me with some kind of scanning devise in his hands. He was waving it over my body when asked what he was doing and he jumped, and then told me I was making noises in my sleep so he was going to try and scan my vitals.  He said the reading where off the charts. I snatched the device from his hands and looked at the screen it had a heart monitor and some other things that I couldn’t make out on it but it said that my heart beat was very fast when I was asleep.

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