A guy wakes up to find himself in a zombie infested world only to be kidnapped by people from his past. he has random flashbacks that will eventual remind him who he is.


3. day 3

I awoke to the sound of gunfire red green and yellow were looking out the window I asked what was going on but no one answered. When the shooting stopped red turned to me and said there was a fight between two clans and if we had tried to stop it we might have been killed. Red told me to stay inside because he was going to go see if any one survived. Then loot ammo and guns, he opened the door and walked out, we waited a good two hours before he came back with a male teenager with a shotgun he wasn’t badly wounded but his left shoulder was cut by a knife and he need stitches. Yellow grabbed something from her waist belt and put it next to his cut the object she held glowed blue and started humming then like magic the wound healed itself. The kid looked at us the whole time with tired eyes we could tell he had been awake and traveling for a long time green told him to lay down on one of the sleeping bags. When we were sure he was asleep red took us to the garage and said we needed to move out soon because who knows what kind of creatures that fight would bring. After what seemed like three hours had past the kid woke up and screamed we ran into the room to see he had a bullet hole in his left leg we didn’t see that when we brought him in, but he must have had it pressurized with something to keep it from bleeding. So yellow pulled up his pant leg and the hole in it looked like it was fresh, yellow was confused but were it came from the answer was quick we heard a soft pop noise from outside and a bullet came through the window and hit the kid between the eyes his head exploded and blood splattered all over me.  (Now I’m not one for a blood bath but I will tell you this that was definitely not cool.) Yellow screamed get down and all of us did we crawled to the car and the wheels were already on once in the car green started it and broke through the garage door leading outside we drove for a long time until the car broke down near a graveyard which of course had zombies in it.   Red said we should be fine since we were in a car but when the car stopped we must have hit some glass because the tire popped and the noise made all the zombies turn toward us yellow looked at red and said “you and your big mouth.”

We ran from the car to an old house that green saw a few minutes back once inside we all knew we would be fending off a wave of zombies so we got ready and as prepared as we could. When the first wave hit they destroyed the front door and the wall. We shot our guns and killed most of them but the majority of the second horde overwhelmed us, but green shot a blue light from his hand cannon it vaporized all the zombies. I realized he shot a plasma beam and now he would need to recharge so we would quickly left the smoldering house and ran for five hours till we came across and old military base with a lot of gun boxes and ammo boxes. We checked all of them and came up empty handed but while I was looking I saw a hatch on the ground. Red then told us we need to find someplace to rest I told him I saw a hatch on the ground when we were looking through the boxes. He asked me to show him I lead him to the hatch he looked at it and said stand back he turned his hand into a cannon and shot a red beam at it and the door shattered. He told yellow to go first then me and green behind for support we walked down the stairs and found our self’s in a chamber with two doors red said one could lead to death while the other could be the way further down. But before we could pick a door I started having another flashback but this one was shorter I saw the doors that we were looking at now and I saw myself go through the one on the left and it lead to a chamber with the operating table on it. Green shook me from my trance and asked what happen I told him I know where to go and started for the door on the left when I opened it there was the table and the door with the keypad on it. Yellow walked over and started punching numbers in but an electronic voice kept saying sorry wrong password I asked yellow if I could try she said have at it. I put in the numbers I saw the female doctor put in the door whined opened and a smell so bad it would have made a skunk cry blew through the door. The whole area through the door was covered in rotting corpses all were dead (not undead thankfully) we walked through the narrow path that was open and found a door broken off its hinges. It lead to the courtyard of the base, we walked out into the middle of the area were a couple of tents were set up and red said we would call it a night.  I crept into the tent and was face to face with a zombie I backed out of there so fast I bumped into yellow she turned toward me and gave me an angry look which then turned into a startled expression. She shoved me out of the way and pulled a dagger out from the sheath on her leg and stabbed the zombie in the head with it. She crawled into the tent and poked her head back out and said it’s clear. I crawled in with her and I fell asleep as soon as I crashed on the sleeping bag.

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