A guy wakes up to find himself in a zombie infested world only to be kidnapped by people from his past. he has random flashbacks that will eventual remind him who he is.


2. day 2

I woke up on a surgery table with blood on it. It took me a few seconds to realize that is was my blood on it. Then I heard a voice say stand up; I did. Then the voice said to pick up a cup and walk to the door. As I approached the door I realized I was wearing a futuristic metal suit. Then I was greeted by a military guy and a female scientist who took the cup. She said it was an honor to work with me. I was going to ask how I got here when an alarm went off and a private came over and said the base was under attack by zombie/mutants lead by the Alpha. The military guy said I would have to skip my training and start shooting. He told me the suits gun was just like I left it so I should be able to blast the zombies to smithereens. The scientist came back and said she’d lead me to the battle field. We got to a door with a panel on it and she put in the code, it whooshed open. Before I stepped out she said good luck. As I left the building I saw a group of soldiers fighting of a wave of zombies. My suits HUD kicked on and showed me how many rounds I had. The infinity symbol appeared and I just smiled. I put my hands out in front of me to shoot a laser beam and nothing happened. I had forgot to activate my hand cannon and when I did my hand changed into a large plasma cannon instead of a laser one a massive wave of energy flooded out through the gun and vaporized the zombies attacking the soldiers. The look on the soldier’s faces was priceless when they saw the zombie’s disentagreat in front of them. But there shock was ended when a car came flying out of no were and killed all but one of them. When he saw me he said “looks like the Calvary’s here.” Then we heard a woman scream, so we ran toward it only to find out it was the scientist that greeted me at the door she was being attacked by a brute as my suit indicated. I tried to shoot the brute but my suit said it needed to recharge because I shot a hyper beam shot instead of a regular one. While it was doing that the brute noticed me and started trying  to kill me but the marine got in the way and shot it with his machine gun it smacked into the ground and died we ran up to the scientist who said she was going to the vehicle garage to escape from this place. We followed but on the way their we were attacked by a horde of zombies which killed the marine and were killed by the marines napalm grenade which he activated before he died. Then out of nowhere a flying mutant grabbed the scientist from where she was standing and flew out of site back toward the lab. I chased after them until I reached the building it took her to as I approached I saw a dark figure appeared and then jump up to the sixth floor of the building and disappeared. When I approached the door a bright light appeared and the door opened and I was consumed by a massive amount of light and woke up in a van with the three strangers. I then realized that they had different colored suits on Green kept staring at me so I asked if he/she would stop. He said it’s only a once in a life time chance to see a legend so he was going to soak it up. Right when I was going to say a smart remark the one in Red said hold on to something and before I could ask why the vehicle flipped into the air and flung all of us out. Red and I both survived but Green and Yellow died in odd positions red told me to find cover so I hid behind a big trash bin. Then a big creature lumbered over the car then look at us at first I thought it was confused but then I realized it was trying to decide whether to throw the car or not. Well red decided that wasn’t going to happen so he shot it in the face and if he wanted to piss it off he did a great job it charged at him and he dodged it. When the beast rammed he put his weak spot out in the open. His back apparently the rest of his body was heavily armored his back was not. So when he charged he would stop or hit something when he did his back would get shot by red. But I knew red couldn’t kill it by himself, red must have gotten cocky because he got hit by its last charge and he faulted and fell to the ground. I thought he had died but right when he hit the ground two lasers shot out of nowhere and killed it. Green and yellow stepped out from behind a dumpster I didn’t happen to notice I stood with my mouth gaping then I said “how are you two alive I saw you two die.” Yellow replied by saying “we can’t die if were wearing our armor and even if we do our armor has a reviver in it to bring us back from the dead.” Red said we didn’t have time for chatting and we needed to get me to the base. We continued our journey through the city and fought many zombies and creatures, after about three hours we barricaded a small grocery store that still had food and water in it. When my captures laid out four sleeping bags I knew it must be time to sleep. But I was still to wired by this morning to sleep and I guess the others were to because green pulled a thermos out of a bag he had and passed it around to each one of us after I had a drink I asked if I could explore a little. Red who I am now thinking is the leader of their little group said “don’t wonder of too far I don’t want another dead comrade.” I didn’t know what he was talking about or what he meant so I walked over to the cash register on the other side of the store were yellow was I said “hi.” Yellow just stared at the ground for a few seconds and then she looked up and me and asked me why I left. I then told her that I didn’t know who she was and what I left. She punched the cash register and said bullshit, I didn’t want to piss her off any more than did so I walked over to the back of the store were green was pick locking a door. I asked what he was doing and he said there was a garage next to this store and he could see a vehicle in it I asked if I could help at all any and he said I could go get him some water and a flashlight. I walked over to the soda machine and pulled a bottle of water out of it then went to the front of the store and grabbed a flashlight I returned to green with them and he thanked me for them. Then red came over to us and asked if green made any progress he said it was unlocked and now we could go in and secure it like we did the store. Once inside the garage we found a zombie eating a woman red shot her with his gun and the women as well just in case she might turn. We put boards up around the windows and the door the vehicle had no tires on it but there were some in there with us and we had the tools to put them on. Red said we would do all this in the morning but now we need to get some sleep. So we went back into the store and green shut the door behind us, we all crawled into our sleeping bags and as I close my eyes I can hear zombies and creatures howling in the night.

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