A guy wakes up to find himself in a zombie infested world only to be kidnapped by people from his past. he has random flashbacks that will eventual remind him who he is.


1. day 1


I had a bad dream. I woke up startled because there was a crash in the living room. I decided to check it out and see what the damage was. As I approached I noticed blood on the floor, so I trailed it to the basement door. I went to the bathroom and grabbed the emergency med kit and went back to the basement door. As I approached it flung open and my wife came out with blood on her shirt and she was holding her arm. I noticed she was bit, but by what I did not know. She started talking fast so I told her to slow down and start from the beginning. She did. She said a man had gotten into the house and bit her then dragged her to the basement and tried to kill her. But she managed to escape by impaling him with a sharp rod she found. I told her I would fix her wound. So I put antibiotics on it and a bandage. Then I told her to go to the kitchen and stay there till I came back she did so without argue. I went to my room and grabbed my revolver and loaded it and grabbed extra bullets just in case, I went to the basement and started down. As I approached the bottom I realized it was dark so I flipped the switch the light didn’t turn on. I slowly continued knowing there was a flash light not too far. As I continued I heard a rustling noise to my left when I reached the flash light I heard the noise to my right I switched it on and what I saw no human should ever see in their entire life. Before me stood a man with what look like a missing eye and part of his skull missing his eye had the hunger of a wolf in them and as my wife said a rod in his chest. It was impaled in his heart but he still lived, when he noticed me he charged and before I could react he had me on the ground while holding him with my free hand I kicked him off and with enough shooting distance I shot him twice in the chest and once in both legs he fell over dead. As I started for the stairs I heard him moan and as I turned around he was already up and charging at me. Again he had me on the ground so this time while keeping him from biting I put the gun to his head with my free hand and shot. When he stopped moving I realized I must have finally killed him. “Thank god.” I thought to myself. Then I headed for the stairs but my wife met me half way up and she had the hunger in her eyes like the man I just killed. She tried to bite me as well but before she could I shot her in the head she went down hard and smacked the cold cement floor. I went upstairs and as I passed the kitchen I saw a car outside the window. But it looked like it was from the future or something like that. As I continued to my bedroom I heard voices, so I slowly crept to the door and peered inside and I saw three people wearing some kind of suit. to me it looked like armor from the medieval age mixed with a biker helmet and a space suit I decided not to bother them but to check the rest of the house as I turned the corner to the bathroom I got hit in the back of the head and everything blacked out.

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