In the way of the wolf!

what if bella left edward for jacob. and they had a daughter that bella gave to a family in seatle. she finds her family. this is lilli's story and how she ran to mystic falls and fell in love.


1. real parents & running


Lilli Lewis/ black : 5'5 "tall. black hair brown eyes. she is bella & jacob's daughter. they gave her up at birth. she lives in Seattle Washington. Her adoptive parents are were-wolves.


Chapter 1: Lilli’s pov


Lilli: mom & dad say that Seattle is too dangerous with the vampires and all, so we're moving to Forks Washington. i'm not too thrilled with leaving the pack but i guess its for the best. i saw a red rustic wolf run out in front of the car, the car swerved & ran right off the bridge. the last thing i heard was mom scream.


Jacob: (I ran out in front of the car) (damnit!) i ran on. i knew they were dead.


Edward: i smelled blood! human blood! i ran as fast as i possibly could. i look over a bridge to see a car. shit!  "(wait i hear a heartbeat!)" Emmett thought as he riped off the door. i look to see the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. (she's even more beautiful than Bella!) check on her parents!  "dead!"  we carried her back to the house.


Lilli: i woke up in a bedroom! where am i? " your safe & that's what matters." " whats your name?" Lilli Lewis. how are my parents? "i'm sorry Lilli they died on impact."  tears streamed down my face. what do i do now? i know my parents said i was adopted, but i have no idea who or where my real parents  are! " don't worry you can stay with us until we find your parents. " thank you that means a lot. the door bell rings!  "its Jacob!" i walked downstairs. " hello Jacob!" "carilile i really messed up, i ran a car of a bridge!  what! i screamed  you killed my parents! i said with rage boiling inside me! "lilli calm down" "why he killed the alfa of the Seattle pack & my mom!" " and your just a little girl!" please i killed a member of the voltori! gasps erupted  in the room! " how did you do that?"  easy! i riped him lib from lib and set him on fire! but not without this. i showed them the scar. i'm half were-wolf & half vampire! "then your a monster & need to be killed" the dude graded me by my throat & pinned me up against the wall. please stop! i choked out his grip tightened i started to see fuzzy black dots   "Jacob stop!"  "Bella?" the family said "why should i bella?" "because she's our daughter!" he immediately let me go i ran out into the poring rain.



conversation inside the house


how is she our daughter! Jacob said " don't you remember when i told you i was pregnant!" ya why! " well i had her & gave her to a family in Seattle. so that means... Damnit! i killed her adoptive parents! who knows where she is by now!

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