Hold Tight

Meet Sunshine Rose, aka sunny. You think with a name like that her life would be some Fairy Tale garden. No it's not. Her mother is drunk and has never show her love at all and her mom boyfriend is raping her also. She thinks be stuck the ghetto forever. Till she ends up being Justin Bieber maid and sex slave after her mom sells her for drug money. Will she get out or will she just take the lemonade she got and drink it.


10. Whos boss .

Justin P.o.v

"I'm going show you!”. I undid my jeans. She understands soon. "I hate you asshole! I won't take the abuse anymore! “She yelled at me loudly. “Little one I own you. Nobody wants you! Your mother sold you for a pound of rocks and 1,000 dollars! You have nothing, nobody! If let you go you be homeless! You better get your shit together!" I was over my head mad with her now. I started to un cuff her and then I flip her over fast. I pushed her face in the bed, she was screaming but who cares I have to show her. I pulled her jeans off and I rip her pink thong off her body, mm her brown skin was such a turn on, I never had a black girl before. Her ass is so big, little one is not fat she just right to me. I ran my down her back. "Who owns you? " I said in a serious way. "Fuck you! I hope you die mother-" I push her face back down. I pulled my dick out of my boxers and I was hard as a rock for my little one, she wasn't going to walk for days when I was done with her. "I don't want to get you pregnant sweetheart so I'm going to hit from the back hope you nice and tight for me”. She was screaming at me now. I hope she can take me. I'm not small when it comes to size I'm about 10in. And I can work it to. I was going in dry and it was going to hurt and I love to her hear her beg for me stop but no this is so good I love this. Ugh this girl is making crazy. I pushed my dick in all the way and pound way at her beautiful ass. I was going for about 20 minutes when they said we would be landing soon. I got close to little one ear and told her I was about to cum. ohhhh yesss and I pull out slowly. No one has ever made cum that much before. I got off the before to clean up. I had show in the morning and had get ready when I got off. "Hey little I see soon okay. Jason will come get off the plane when hit the ground. “I smile to myself and got ready to

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