Hold Tight

Meet Sunshine Rose, aka sunny. You think with a name like that her life would be some Fairy Tale garden. No it's not. Her mother is drunk and has never show her love at all and her mom boyfriend is raping her also. She thinks be stuck the ghetto forever. Till she ends up being Justin Bieber maid and sex slave after her mom sells her for drug money. Will she get out or will she just take the lemonade she got and drink it.


2. Music To My Ears

'm so happy I had my pullover on. It's so cold in Chicago right now it's not funny at all people. I found myself at a park. I found bench to sit on and let myself rest this part is kind of far from my house but it is a lot better than my house. It had finally hit me. I was nothing good for nothing. I start to cry but then I heard something so beautiful. "Don't you worry child see heaven got plan for you” I look over to see a white boy my age he brown hair kind of short and pretty brown eyes that make you think of a puppy. He was walking up to me. I try to hide my face from him. "Hey you okay?” I looked and said nothing. "What’s your name girl? He said “I don't like taking much nobody ever listens to me anyway.” I think you need a hug he said “he open his arms really wide for me. I don't know what happy put I fell in to his arms and just cried. "Aww poo what's the matter?” I could never tell him though. He would leave like everyone else did in my life. “My name is Austin okay?” I just looked at him hard. "I'm going to call you poo okay?” Its okay I don't like talking much I at times but my mom says it's good to talk helps you from looking old and gray you know? “I smile at him. “My name is sunshine Austin. ““Wow that's pretty poo “. I got from the bench. "I go it's getting late.” Austin was much taller than me. "I would love to walk you home poo.” I was scared though a white boy like him walking on my side of town is not safe. “It’s not safe where I live - OK we can drive then he said.

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