Hold Tight

Meet Sunshine Rose, aka sunny. You think with a name like that her life would be some Fairy Tale garden. No it's not. Her mother is drunk and has never show her love at all and her mom boyfriend is raping her also. She thinks be stuck the ghetto forever. Till she ends up being Justin Bieber maid and sex slave after her mom sells her for drug money. Will she get out or will she just take the lemonade she got and drink it.


13. Im on my way home

 Justin daydream. ...


Little one is laying on king size bed with her legs open, she wants me bad, and I have to give myself to her. I cup her face with my hand.  “Who owns you little one?” she cries out me and says " you sir, only you " . She understands that I'm her master, I will have her forever!  I lay on top her and lay kisses all over her neck. My God she is black goddess....  “Little one I'm going to make you mind understands?  I'm going make love to you till you’re with child.  I push my cock inside her hard, she screamed at me to stop but I couldn't.  She wrapped so tight around my cock. I just put hand over mouth and pounded her harder.  She was wet, she was wanted this and I had to give it to her. I she look.at me in my eyes and said to cum. How could I say no to my little girl? ohhhhhhh fuck she was biting my arm as I pushed into her one last time .. And I busted inside her. 


 I was rubbing my cock as came in my hand in the shower.  Fuck that was hot! I wash my body off and got out the shower.  mmmm time to get home.




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