Hold Tight

Meet Sunshine Rose, aka sunny. You think with a name like that her life would be some Fairy Tale garden. No it's not. Her mother is drunk and has never show her love at all and her mom boyfriend is raping her also. She thinks be stuck the ghetto forever. Till she ends up being Justin Bieber maid and sex slave after her mom sells her for drug money. Will she get out or will she just take the lemonade she got and drink it.


4. Home Sweet Home

Austin had dropped me off down the street from my house. He gave me a pink box but I was worried to open it.  I just put it in my bag. I ran to my backyard and open my window.  My room was so small. I jumped in on my bed. I was so sleepy. I passed out again


Later that night

"WAKE UP!” mom yelled at me as she turned on the light. ".Don't make me say it again sunny!” I will never have peace! Mom was smoking a cigarette and blow out that gross air. "Yea mom?” She walks over to me and smiles lightly.  "Get your shit, and I mean all of it okay.  Leave nothing and I be waiting for you in the car, I got to drop you off. I never question my mom; I just started packing as fast as I could.  Then I saw a picture of me and my dad from when I was 6. I miss him at times but maybe he call me someday.  I only had two bags on me and a little bit of money from my summer job. Just as I was walking out my mom boyfriend smile at me.  "Bye slut” I ran out the door.

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