bad boy bieber!

tana is new to the town. she is a high school graduate (and a pretty brown long haired,short,cute smiled, brown eyed girl actress) she is living next door to the most famous JUSTIN BIEBER! but maybe he isnt as inocent as he proclaims. maybe he is doing all the things the news says. will tana and justin remain just as naibors? or will they become friends...or maybe friends with benefits? can she change his bad boy ways.


7. the....boyfriend?

justin's p.o.v.

the next morning i woke up to the most beautiful girl in the world naked in bed with me. i smiled and she was still asleep. i took out my phone and since she wasnt covered i took pictures of her. i quickly grabbed my clothes and changed. today was the day i was going to ask her out again. but on hollywood boulevard after she gets home from work. she was the best girl in the world. i quickly ran down stairs and started to make her breakfast.

tana's P.O.V. 

i woke up to the smell of bacon and cheese omelet. i wanted to find out why i smelt that and fast. but when i got up yes i was naked again. i quickly showered, put a purple blouse on and some miley cyrus jeans. i slipped on my gold sandals, with matching gold scarf. i then brushed my teeth and curled my hair. i also applied on makeup. i then grabbed my gold purse and grabbed my phone. i rushed down the stairs almost falling down. justin was making breakfast. i walked up to him and he set the plated that had the bacon and omelets on the counter. he walked around to the bar part of the little island. we sat on the stools and we ate. i finished at the same time as justin and we put our plates in the sink. "hey by the way, im gonna drive you to work today ok? and ill pick you up." justin had told me. i nodded and told him that would be wonderful. he grabbed his keys and we went to work. 

at work we had actually started filming. which made me happy. we finished filming at 9p.m. and then i walked outside. i picked up my iphone with the be-dazzled case on it and called justin. "im already here." he told me. he then hung up and pulled his car right infront of me. i got in and he drove off. in the wrong direction. "uh justin? where are we going?" he smiled and told me it was a surprise. we parked at this music studio. he got out and opened my door. i stepped out the car. he started walking on the sidewalk away from the studio. i followed. we then got onto this big street. i now realized we were on hollywood boulevard. the next thing i knew was a whole crowd of people were surrounding us. they were screaming "JUSTIN!!!!" and they didnt even pay attention to me. justin was trying to push through them. knowing that he was claustrophobic i yelled "EVERYONE BACK OFF PLEASE HE IS CLAUSTROPHOBIC AND ALL YOUR DOING IS MAKING THINGS BAD FOR HIM!" they all calmed down and justin walked over to me. he gave me a hug then thanked me. i smiled and kissed me on the cheek. i blushed because i had been a belieber ever since he first posted the youtube video. we started walking down the street and seen all this cool stuff.  we went into the wax museum and took a picture with his wax figure. we then ate at this exclusive restaurant. next we walked through some gift shops. after that we where watching this cool magician on the street. he wasnt dressed in the uniform just in jeans and t shirts. "now i need a volunteer." the short black man said. he pointed to me and justin. justin whispered something in the mans ear and he continued the show. "alright then." he told justin. "so now im going to take this one dollar bill and turn it into a note from her friend. write something on this piece." he told justin handing him a small sheet of paper and a pen. justin wrote something and the man asked for him to hold on to it. he told everyone to look at the dollar including me. he then grabbed my hand and put it over his having the dollar in between. he counted to 10 then asked if i felt anything move. i shook my head no. "now read the note out loud." i did as told i unfolded the note and read aloud. "tana, will you go out with me?" i smiled and realized i told him to ask me another time. this was that time "yes justin i will go out with you." i said with a grin. he had put a huge smile on his face and hugged me.

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