bad boy bieber!

tana is new to the town. she is a high school graduate (and a pretty brown long haired,short,cute smiled, brown eyed girl actress) she is living next door to the most famous JUSTIN BIEBER! but maybe he isnt as inocent as he proclaims. maybe he is doing all the things the news says. will tana and justin remain just as naibors? or will they become friends...or maybe friends with benefits? can she change his bad boy ways.


2. the neighbors.

So after the man told me who it would have been, he gave me a card with his name and number. He was a football player named William grier. I walked over to the other neighbors house. Which was a lot of walking stalletoes. I knocked on the door. Three guys answered the door. “hi I was wondering if…”I looked up to there faces. “justin Bieber?” I was freaking out on the inside but had to get down to business. “ok what I really was wondering was if you knew anything about people egging my mansion?” justin just looked at me from head to toe biting his lip.  Then he spoke. “shit I didn’t know a sexy girl lived there. Look im sorry could you forgive me if I cleaned everything?” I smiled. Maybe the news was telling the truth about the neighbor egging thing with justin. But he is gonna clean it up so I couldn’t complain. I shook my head yes and he spoke again “so do you want to come inside?” he asked. I nodded in agreement and him and his friends moved aside to let me in. “go ahead and sit on the couch.” He directed. His house was exactly like mine. I went and sat down. I felt eyes staring at me the whole time. Justin came and plopped down next to me his friends on the recliners. “so this is lil twist and lil za. And who must you be?” he asked. I quickly responded “im Tanahala Hughes tana for short. Im an actress and just moved in next door. I am from tampa florida and new to the area. I wasn’t expecting to come home to an egged front porch.” We all kinda giggled. Justin then put his hand on my shoulder and told me he was sorry and they would clean it all up as soon as I was ready to go home. “welcome to the town.” Za told me. Twist then grabbed out a bottle of jack daniels© from next to his recliner. “anybody want some?” he asked with a huge grin on his face. Justin grabbed the bottle and took a drink then passed it to za. After za took 5 huge gulps he tried handing it to me. I refused the bottle. “why? You don’t drink?” justin asked. I shook my head no. “well ok if you change your mind tho let us know. Za set the bottle down and justin ran for it. Justin finished off what was left in the bottle(half  was left). He then sat it down. After a few seconds I guess the liquor kicked in because then he took my hand and asked “want to go hangout somewhere alone?” I nodded kinda worried. He took me up to his room and flipped on a  movie. The movie was were the millers. He then set me down on the bed and came up next to me. “this is a good movie.” He told me so I smiled and he put his arm around my shoulders. I couldn’t believe I was hanging out with justin Bieber. I did want to just be friends tho. He then nuzzled closer to me. We were practically cuddling. About halfway through the movie I felt justin put his hand on my ass. Then my thigh close to my private area. It didn’t bother me that much.

            The next thing that happened was he looked at me and leaned in to kiss me. I refused and walked out of the room. I ran to the door and then went to my egged house. Like I said I just wanted to be friends. I took a shower then changed and ordered Chinese takeout. I put on some black yoga pants and a black spaghetti strap tank top. The door bell rang while I was drying my hair. I answered the door with one hand using a towel drying my hair. I payed him the money and grabbed my food. I noticed the porch was spotless and egg free. They must have cleaned it up.  I closed the door and started eating on my couch watching girl code. After the 2 episodes where over I finished my take out and went to bed. 

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