bad boy bieber!

tana is new to the town. she is a high school graduate (and a pretty brown long haired,short,cute smiled, brown eyed girl actress) she is living next door to the most famous JUSTIN BIEBER! but maybe he isnt as inocent as he proclaims. maybe he is doing all the things the news says. will tana and justin remain just as naibors? or will they become friends...or maybe friends with benefits? can she change his bad boy ways.


8. the hate

we headed back to the car, buckled up, and we headed home. "so your staying the night right?" justin assured i nodded and grinned. my phone made a bird noise. that means justin posted a tweet. (i am a belieber remember.) i followed him when he first came out. so i get tweets when he tweets. i opened up the tweet. Justin had posted a picture of us with his wax figure with the caption of "i love my beautiful girlfriend." i smiled and retweeted it. Justins phone had not even made a noise. "hey when you posted that wouldnt you get a whole bunch of notifications with your millions of followers?" i asked he smiled and said "yea but i sign out right after so i dont have to deal with it." i smiled and we rode to his house. " when we get inside we are going to read the tweets and comment and tweet back" he told me as we parked in his garage. we then went into the house and headed to his room,there we plopped down on our stomaches on the bed to read them. we had read over 3 million before we stopped and decided to sleep. not very many were nice there were a lot of death threats. we made funny comments to those like :"thanks @whatevertheirnamewasontwitter i will remember that when u come see me and my girl." and stuff like that. 

when i woke up justin wasnt in bed. i was still in my clothes and looked perfectly fine. so i headed down stairs."hey mall? now?" justin asked standing by the door. "yea sounds like fun." i walked over to him and before i could open his front door,he pushed me against the hard solid wood door. he started off with a kiss. i put my arm around his neck. i guess that was what he took as a hint to be more aggressive. we then started making out. he got more and more aggressive every kiss. i put my other arm around his neck as well and as we kissed i messed with his hair. he then found a way to pick me up and i put my legs around his waist. i felt his hands on my ass. never have i ever felt this amount of excitement. after a couple of minutes i pulled away. "alright lets go to the mall."   he got this big half smile on his face. he then held the door open we then left for the mall in his red bugati. we got to the mall in under 30 minutes because everyone was at work. (i dont have to go till late at night tonight) we walked into top secret. i bought a pair of white anckle croped jeans. then we walked over to this really cool shoe store. we held hands the whole time. "Tanahala dawn hughes?!" i heard an excited voice say my full name. which was weird because i dont know people here. i turned around slowly. it was Alexis (lexi) land. i went to school with her in texas. the last time i remember talking to her i told her if she kept talking shit she would get her ass beat. then in senior year i kicked her ass. she was yes in the hospital with very serious injuries. "lexi?!" i kind of asked with an attitude. justin turned around. "OMG! you finally got the man of your dreams. i remember you were so obsess-" i cut her off saying "dedicated not obsessed. being a belieber is not obsession." she continued "well i never would have expected this. i cant wait to tell karma, krista, brianna and cole! they are not gonna believe me. can i get a picture with you guys?" i rolled my eyes and justin pulled me closer to him as lexi came over by us. justin kissed me on the lips when she took the picture. "thank you." she smiled. she honestly looks the exact same size she did in high school. i looked at her and said "so u finally got out of that shitwhole?" i asked with an attitude. "yea. i see you are an actress now." she said with an attitude. i smirked at her and came back with a good comeback "well last time i remember i kicked your ass." she smirked and said. "yea just got out of the hospital a couple months ago. but apperantly i have a better singing voice than before you fought me. so thank you. i know my singing talents are better than your fucking acting." she rolled her eyes. "look bitch i dont care why your here in L.A but i can kick your ass now." i told her. she said for me to bring it "little whore i let you last time." then i smacked her across the face. justin just stepped back and took out his phone. she looked at me and went to slap me. i stopped her hand and punched her in her face making her fall to the ground. like the fatass she was i made a joke "hey babe did you feel an earthquake?" he just started laughing. she stood up and went to punch me in the stomache but i stopped her and hit her in the face a couple times. the last punch i hit her on was in the jaw. i felt her jaw pop. i broke it. she started trying to get me to go to the ground. i punched her a couple more times and choked slammed her. i then started punching her in the face. then this guy came in and said "babe! are you ok?"then the tall fat guy looked at me and smacked me. justin then came storming around. "hey man you dont hit my girl. your bitch started it and tana doesnt take shit from anyone." then the guy pushed justin. justin turned around and clocked the guy in his mouth. the guy fell to the ground. "baby go pick out you some nice shoes ill pay." justin told me in the softest voice. i picked out some purple stilettos. and we left to eat breakfast at a coffee house.

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