bad boy bieber!

tana is new to the town. she is a high school graduate (and a pretty brown long haired,short,cute smiled, brown eyed girl actress) she is living next door to the most famous JUSTIN BIEBER! but maybe he isnt as inocent as he proclaims. maybe he is doing all the things the news says. will tana and justin remain just as naibors? or will they become friends...or maybe friends with benefits? can she change his bad boy ways.


1. the first day

*tana's pov*

"alright we are done moving all you furniture in ma'am." the tall man in blue moving clothes said handing me a clipboard. i signed it and thanked him. i just moved in to a mansion in calabasas california. i just got my dream job. i am doing a movie for m night shyamalan. he payed for the mansion. i walked inside my new home. it felt weird being in a big house, having a huge acting gig as my first, and being a new celeb. 

         i plopped down on the comfy new couch and fliped on my tv. since it was almost 10 at night i fell asleep right there. the next morning i woke up and showered. i got dressed up in a purple short dress and purple staletoes. i then curled my hair and put on daytime earthtoned makeup. i then grabbed my car keys and since it was 9 in the morning i got in my car to go to starbucks. i went through the drive through and crabbed a cocoa frozen late. then drove to the studio. 

        "there is my star!" m night said to me as i walked in. then he rushed me straight to line practice. we did line practice until 4 pm. we just sat in a circle reading lines the way he wanted us to. we left at 430 (we ate at the studio) and i went back home. i pulled in my garage and headed to the front door. when i got to the front door i stopped in my tracks. the whole front door was egged. i slowly walked towards my door. i took a klenex out of my purse and opened the door. i set my purse down and walked back out of the door. i walked over to the naighbor to my left's mansion. i knocked on the door. a big muscular man answered. "hi im the new naighbor. did you happen to know anything about someone egging my mansion?" the man looked at me and told me i could come in. his house was almost identical to mine. we stayed by the door and he whispered "the naibhors on the other side of your house used to go on a egging spree to the new people moving in. go check with them.

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