bad boy bieber!

tana is new to the town. she is a high school graduate (and a pretty brown long haired,short,cute smiled, brown eyed girl actress) she is living next door to the most famous JUSTIN BIEBER! but maybe he isnt as inocent as he proclaims. maybe he is doing all the things the news says. will tana and justin remain just as naibors? or will they become friends...or maybe friends with benefits? can she change his bad boy ways.


6. the change shows

when i got home i almost wanted to scream. i couldnt like a pot head. i just couldn't. i sat down for about 30 minutes reading over my script. "hello?" i answered my phone. it was justin "hey i am really sorry. i would like to know if you want to get something to eat?" i thought about it stuburnly then agreed to go with him. i grabbed my purse then heard a honk. i quickly ran out and locked my door. then walked out to justins lamb. "so where are we going?" i asked as i put on the seatbelt. he just smiled and asked if i liked italian food. i nodded. my fave food is spaghetti. when we got onto the highway justin rolled down his window and took something out of his pocket. "this is all the weed i own. im quiting." he then through the bag out of the car. i almost jumped for joy. instead i leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "great." we talked and talked about our lives before fame and all kinds of stuff. then we arrived at olive garden. there i ordered spaghetti and meatballs. he did too. we ate and then left. he wanted to take me to the movies so we did. at the movies we were getting popcorn. "one large popcorn." justin told the man. she grabbed a mediamish bag that was not much bigger than the medium. "is this a large?" the man nodded in agreement. "this is a fucking rip off!" justin shouted. the man looked startled and said "well its not like you dont have the money for it." justin rolled his eyes and responded. "now get me another large popcorn before i kick your snobby fucking ass." the man quickly grabbed another popcorn and gave us the change. as we walked away i told justin to apologize. he told me not even if the world depended on it. i begged him to. i told him if he didnt i wouldnt have anything to do with him. so he walked over there and apologized to the man. he even through in a extra 100 dollar bill. i smiled and went to grab a coke. we then went to watch the movie. after the movie he took me home. we both got out of the car at my house. "hey mind if i stay here tonight? its kinda lonely." i nodded and told him to come on in. i unlocked the door and we went inside. "well im gonna go to bed okay? sleep in any of the rooms you like." i told him. but he told me to wait and he grabbed my waist. he pulled me in closer. nervous i flinched. he grabbed one of my hands. our fingers intertwined with each other. he then leaned in for kiss. then we ended up making out.

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