bad boy bieber!

tana is new to the town. she is a high school graduate (and a pretty brown long haired,short,cute smiled, brown eyed girl actress) she is living next door to the most famous JUSTIN BIEBER! but maybe he isnt as inocent as he proclaims. maybe he is doing all the things the news says. will tana and justin remain just as naibors? or will they become friends...or maybe friends with benefits? can she change his bad boy ways.


5. friends with benefits.

after the show was over he put on the notebook. about halfway through the movie he had his hands halfway up my thigh. about 5 minutes later his was all the way up to the bikini area. idk why but i didnt have a problem with it. when the long make-out scene happened justin managed to kiss me. then it turned to a make- out. after about 5 minutes of hard core make-out i felt his hand go down into my underwear. i imediately pulled away. "whats wrong?" he asked. i responded "your taking it too far." he smiled and apologized. then we went back to the movie. when the movie was over he told me he would be right back and went into another room. after about 10 minutes of me going through the special features on the dvd justin came back out into the room. he was holding a teddy bear. "so you wont be alone in your big mansion." i smiled and gave him a hug. now he reeked of marajuana. "where you just smoking pot?" i asked. he didnt hesitate "yea. why? did you want some?" i looked startled and stood up. "hell no. now thanks for the wonderful morning. i will leave now." i grabbed my purse and walked out of the mansion.

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