Too strong to be broken

"Why the hell should you care!" He shouted to me as we stood in the empty car park.
"Because I do okay!" I shouted walking away , I could feel the tears filling my eyes.
" Tell me Annie , tell me why this some how effects you" he shouted back
"Because I love you!" I screamed at him with tears streaming down my face . He looked at me shocked and confused.
" For so long I have been alone and had to be strong. I'm scared Sam, since you came along you I feel like I need you and to think that you don't care about me , it makes me feel broken. I can't be broken. " I confessed sincerely . I didn't know what I was doing but I couldn't stop the tears. He just stood there amazed , I couldn't tell wether it was good or bad. So I just ran .


6. chapter 6

Annie's POV

All night I couldn't get Sam out of my head ,so many questions . Was he following me? Why did he help me? Where did he get that stab wound? How did he get those abs? It was 8:00am and I walk to the mirror my right cheek was bruised and my lip was cut. I looked like carp , thankfully there's makeup .



As per normal I sat on the table in the corner at the back by myself. The head called me to his office this morning to asked me why I acted the way I did during detention. I told him that it was because it caught me by surprise and I felt like an idiot so I ran out... I'm such  a good liar. It was getting busy so I just plugged in my earphones and played some music to ignore the noise . I kept eating my pasta salad when I saw Sam walking towards me, he stopped at the other side of the table standing with his large rucksack in hand.

"Nobody likes you,right?" He questioned emotionless but firm.

"Correct" I replied confused

" so nobody would talk to you?" He was staring into my eyes like he could see into my soul.

"Correct again, full marks " I sarcastically said still confused. He sat down opposite me and began to eat. I just starred at him waiting for an answer.

"Don't stare just eat " he said not looking at me. I carried on like before like he wasn't there ,until Sandra walked up behind Sam and whispered something in his ears but he ignored her , she properly said something slutty like usual. I didnt notice I was staring until Sandra looked at me and said" I still don't understand why your still here Annie ,it's not like anyone would care" she sniggered at me.

"I would leave but I know I'd be missed too much" I smiled at her sarcastically.

"Your just a piece of carp that nobody likes , your family don't like you that's why they shipped you over here" . I could feel the angry boiling up inside me , the cafeteria had gone quiet. Sam was looking at me now.

" you don't know a thing about my family"I stated through gritted teeth, my fists were clenched too.

"But I do, I know that your mum properly wished you were never born" she smirked. As soon as she said this I wasted no time and got up and punched her in the face, she fell to the floor, everyone started chanting 'fight' and gathered in a circle. I grabbed her hair pulling her up and screamed swear words into her face. I felt two strong arms grab me from behind and lift me of her, I was kicking and screaming,trying to get away but he headed to the exit. 

I was still trying to break free but they wouldn't let go , all of a sudden I was shoved into the science lab closet, I heard the door lock and as soon as I turned round ,before I could say anything a hand was put over my mouth. Sam. 

" are you going to scream or say anything ?" He questioned calmly looking into my eyes, they were so blue like the ocean but full of cold pain. I shook my head to signal I wouldn't, he let go and took a step back as if I was going to go mad . I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair as I looked down at the floor.we were silent for a bit until he broke the silence. " that was a good right hook back there" he joked. 

"Thanks" I couldn't help but smile , I walked to the back of the room and put my head in my hand as the words Sandra said replayed through my head. I felt two warm , strong hands turn me round so I was facing him , we looked into each others eyes and I couldn't help but feel butterflies in my stomach. I felt like I couldn't move , just then he traced the side of my face where I hid my bruise softly with his knuckles . Slowly he leaned in and placed his lips on mine , it was sweet and soft, he put his hands on my waist and pulled me in while I wrapped my arms around his neck, if felt like hours us being there ,I didn't care about anything  else . He pulled away quickly, gave me one last look and walked out , I just stood there confused and shocked until I remembered , he's Samuel Matthers he's the bad boy with the bad reputation who causes trouble and is no good. 

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