Too strong to be broken

"Why the hell should you care!" He shouted to me as we stood in the empty car park.
"Because I do okay!" I shouted walking away , I could feel the tears filling my eyes.
" Tell me Annie , tell me why this some how effects you" he shouted back
"Because I love you!" I screamed at him with tears streaming down my face . He looked at me shocked and confused.
" For so long I have been alone and had to be strong. I'm scared Sam, since you came along you I feel like I need you and to think that you don't care about me , it makes me feel broken. I can't be broken. " I confessed sincerely . I didn't know what I was doing but I couldn't stop the tears. He just stood there amazed , I couldn't tell wether it was good or bad. So I just ran .


5. chapter 5



"Fine" I shouted at her frustrated, I walked towards to the block of flats to where she lived. I didn't need her help , I only helped her because it's what I've been told to do, protect her. She ran after me and took lead so I could follow. 

After walking about 3 levels up we arrived at her floor. " here we are" she called out to me before unlocking her door. I walked in not saying anything, I didn't want to chat .

I sat on her sofa and waited for her , she took off her black leather jacket and turned on the light her cheek was burning red and her lip was cut, I couldn't help but notice how sexy it made her look. 

"C-can y-you erm take of your ,Erm" she stuttered quite embarrassed.

" take if my what?" I question. She wouldn't look at me and I could see her blush.

"Your top" she replied looking at the floor. I took of my blood stained top to show a stab wound on my shoulder. She grabbed her first aid kit and sat in front of me pulling up a chair for her to sit on. We sat in an awkward silence. As she was concentrated I was able to get a good look at her, she had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, she was quite pale compared to most of the girls but I suppose it's because she's English. She was hot I have to admit . I looked around the room as she was finishing up, at the back of the room was a photo of a family. She saw me staring and turned to see what had caught my attention.

"My family" she replied as she stood up and put her first aid kit away , I caught her looking at my abs which made me smirk.

"Where are they ?" I asked her as I put my top back on and went to get a better look at the picture. I turned to see she had stopped ,she looked scared when I asked her before she shook her head and looked down.

" they died when I was ten" she replied calm but her voice was full of sorrow.

" that sucks" I couldn't help but feel kind of sorry for her. She just shrugged and carried on trying to not look at me. I walked up to her as she stood back against the wall. I could see her heart was beating faster and her breathing got quicker.

"I scare you don't I " I smirked.

" no you just make me feel uncomfortable. There's a difference" she looked into my eyes this time. Her eyes were sky blue but full of sadness and pity.

" what was all that in the science room" I whispered into her ear with both hands resting on the wall either side of her face. 

" that's none of your business" she whispered back before pushing me away , glaring at me. I smirked at her and headed for the door.

"Thanks for helping me" she said giving me a quick glance then walking away. I stopped then carried on. I needed to see boss about all this.

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