Too strong to be broken

"Why the hell should you care!" He shouted to me as we stood in the empty car park.
"Because I do okay!" I shouted walking away , I could feel the tears filling my eyes.
" Tell me Annie , tell me why this some how effects you" he shouted back
"Because I love you!" I screamed at him with tears streaming down my face . He looked at me shocked and confused.
" For so long I have been alone and had to be strong. I'm scared Sam, since you came along you I feel like I need you and to think that you don't care about me , it makes me feel broken. I can't be broken. " I confessed sincerely . I didn't know what I was doing but I couldn't stop the tears. He just stood there amazed , I couldn't tell wether it was good or bad. So I just ran .


2. chapter 2

Annie's POV


The one thing I don't mind about this school is the headmaster , he always seems to try and understand me even though he never will because nobody knows what happened, and they never will. "Thanks sir" I called out as I left the office, I only got a detention which is tomorrow.It's not bad but still it means I get home late.

As I walked through the hallway I could hear lots of girl whispering and chatting about the same thing. The new guy, I hadn't seen him yet but everyone knows who he is, he is knew for being a bad boy and was kicked out of his old school for beating up a teacher. "I heard he's really hot, with tattoos and everything" one girl gossips. It makes me laugh that girls at my school go crazy as soon as there's a new guy in the school.It's quite sad to be honest.

It was lunchtime so everyone was taking up the seats in the cafeteria but I managed to get one at the back, on my own like usual. I could hear the girls in front of me chatting about the new guy still."omg I think that's him" one of them squealed making them all turn to face the door, I thought there was no harm in looking so I looked over to see him walk in. He was wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt which showed off his muscled figure, he was pretty tall , and had a hard looking face like he refused emotion ,his short black hair made him look dangerous. I wanted to look away but it was if I was frozen. He turned and our eyes connected for a few seconds , I looked away hoping I didn't look like a complete idiot. I could see now why the girls were so obsessed with this new guy.

It had been 15 minutes after when I decided to leave , the new guy left almost as soon after a girl tried talking to him , he seemed pissed by people wanting to talk to him. I walked around the school grounds for a bit when I could hear a voice  from inside the gym shed. 

"For fuck sake i said I would , didn't I ?!" A Deep, husky voice said. I looked through the door window, but making sure he couldn't see me. It was the new guy on the phone , he was pretty frustrated because he started punching one of the bags.

"Yes I know, just give me time okay I'm do it" he warned before hanging up and punching one of the  bags a few more times. I put a bit to much weight against to door because it flung open causing me to stubble in , if looks could Kill he would have murdered me.

"Like spying  on people do we?" he sarcastically stated as he walked up towards me with his fists clenched. He did scare me a bit but I wouldn't let myself show it.

"Like hanging out in the gym sheds do we?" I replied giving  him a sarcastic, toothless smile.

" what did you hear?" He questioned me as he towered over me.

" nothing , even if I did hear something ,I'd keep it to myself" I replied. Just then the bell went so I spun round and was about to leave when he grabbed my arm tightly, which was a bit painful.

"If you tell anyone, anything, I will make your life hell" he whispered in my ear through clenched teeth. His grip was getting tighter, "understood?" 

I nodded my head because my arm was really hurting.

" I'm sure you have heard of me , it seems lots of people do and I have a reputation , so you know I would" he warned me.

 He let go and left. Well first impressions are always tricky.

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