Too strong to be broken

"Why the hell should you care!" He shouted to me as we stood in the empty car park.
"Because I do okay!" I shouted walking away , I could feel the tears filling my eyes.
" Tell me Annie , tell me why this some how effects you" he shouted back
"Because I love you!" I screamed at him with tears streaming down my face . He looked at me shocked and confused.
" For so long I have been alone and had to be strong. I'm scared Sam, since you came along you I feel like I need you and to think that you don't care about me , it makes me feel broken. I can't be broken. " I confessed sincerely . I didn't know what I was doing but I couldn't stop the tears. He just stood there amazed , I couldn't tell wether it was good or bad. So I just ran .


10. chapter 10

Annie's POV

I didn't care where I was going ,I just wanted to get as far away from Sam as possible. The tears were still streaming down my face as  I was passing trees, I think I was in a forest by now. I kept running until I came across a little bridge, it looked like the one my mum used to take me to when I was little ; I stopped crying after 5minutes and was sitting on the bridge looking at the river which flowed underneath.

My quiet thinking was interrupted with the sound of footsteps, I didn't bother turning round, I knew it was Sam. 

"Why do you think you love me?" He questioned

"I don't think I know, now if your going to make fun of me or patronize me I'd rather you go" I replied. He sat down beside me but I refused to look at him.

"Your not broken Annie.your too strong to be broken. I know that the past has effected you, I know how you feel" 

"How the fuck do you know how I feel" I yelled quietly.

"When I was 12 my mother tried to kill me, my dad sacrificed himself so I could run. I never got to thank him or save him, the guilt has been with me ever since" he confessed, I looked at him feeling sorry for him.

"You see we are more alike then you think. We're just two screwed up people living in a screwed up world" he stood up and put his hand out to help me up, I took it but stumbled as I tried to steady on my feet. I fell into his arms both of us laughing at how stupid I looked right now. I looked in his eyes for what felt like forever, he put his hand on the side of my face whist his other ran through my hair; he began to lean in but I spoke out" Sam don't do this out of pity and you don't mean it" 

"Belive me Annie I'm not doing this out of pity. I love you too much for that" and then he kissed me, it wasn't like the other one, this one was meaningful and full of passion , igniting every bone in my body. My arms wrapped round his neck whilst his wrapped round my waist. Then a phone went off. We pulled away as he got his phone out answering the call. As soon as he ended the call I asked who it was.

"It was boss , he was asking where we were because Jake just arrived so I told him that the car broke down but we just fixed it" . 

" I guess that means we should go" I smiled , I began to walk off before he grabbed my hand pulling me back in so I was against his chest.

"There's just one last thing" he smirked before giving me a peck on the lips and leaning his fore head against mine. We then walk back to the car and began to drive, he held my hand .it was so sweet but I couldn't help but feel scared about meeting my uncle again , I didn't know what to expect...

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