.:Sasukes Twin:. A Naurto Story.

This story is about Sasukes Uchiha sister that was taken by his older brother itachi when he killed their clan. But she come back to get more info but runs into her younger brother and has a change of heart.


2. 1. The Lost One

"Where the hell is Kakashi Sensai?!?" Naruto yelled. "Yeah he said for us to be early and hes an hour late!!" Sakura yelled putting her fist in the air Sasuke just sighed and thought to himself "What losers" Then Kakashi popped up in front of them "ABOUT TIME" Sakura and Naruto yelled at the same time "Sorry guys.. had.. uh bisnuess" He tried to explain without giving to much info "We have a mission to help pick up the village in the trees" He told the group "Ugh another D rank mission??" Naruto complained They began walking in the forest. "Do you see that sakura?" Naruto asked "Shut up Naruto im not falling for that again" She said staring at sasuke but Sasuke was looking at the same thing as Naurto was. "Sasuke and kakashi you see it don't you?" Naruto yelled. They raced over to what they saw A girl laying under a tree on her right side her back facing the road "Its a girl" Naruto said "You don't say?" Sakura said scarasticly Sasuke looked at the girl and her shirt had his clan sign on it "It can't be.." he whisperd Kakashi saw sasuke looking at the girl and he went and picked the girl up "we need to get her to the village" They all nodded and raced back to the villages hospital They got there and left her in the er. They Dr said they said it would be a long time, she pretty badly beat up on the inside. Sasuke began to get worried. "She can't die.. I have so much to ask her.." He said to him self and Kakashi put his hand on sasuke shoulder. And sasuke looked up at Kakashi and and Kakashi smiled and sasuke just looked back at the door waiting for the light to go off.  She came out and sasuke was asleep on the waiting bench "Sasuke Uchiha?" The dr said Sasuke looked up "yes?" "Shes in her room resting please let her rest, shes gonna need it her room number is 216" "Thank you" sasuke said and nodded and left up to her room. As he opend he thought to himself this might be his sister.. He looked down at her and realized they looked just alike. He sat on the chair, and fell back asleep..

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