For the Ava Lavender competition


1. Élodie

My name is Élodie, I’m nine and a half winters old and I have a secret superpower.  I can see regret. Every time someone regrets something I see a bright red scar forming on their body. I don’t know what it is their regretting but I often know without having to be told. I’ve never heard anybody mention a power like mine; it’s never even seen it written about and I’ve read every book in the settlement, including the forbidden ones, so I’ve had to make my own deductions. If someone has multiple regrets about the same thing I know that a new scar doesn’t form; instead the original one goes red. The scars fade with time and become all white and sometimes if the person stops regretting something or they forget about it the scars go all together. I always know that they were there though because they leave a silvery patch.

No-one can hide from me.

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