For the Ava Lavender competition


6. Carina- the message

Suddenly one of the children falls on top of me- an arrow through their heart. The others don’t even seem to notice let alone care but gradually the rest are shot down until there are so few I can defend myself. I finally have the strength to hold my sword and I plunge it into the nearest children feeling warm blood pour everywhere. I get to my feet and thankfully I feel Sorrel’s willowy frame supporting me. Neither of us says anything. All we can do is stare at the pile of bodies and cling to each other. Something about them seems wrong as if they had been mutilated in some invisible way.

“Carina” she whispers “I don’t understand. They were trying to kill you but you were armed and not a single one of them attacked me”. For some strange reason the bodies remind me of something Élodie said once; something about Miette. My thoughts are a sandstorm. They rage never forming any coherent words until I finally manage to croak.

“Sorrel all these corpses none of them have any scars. None of these children have ever regretted anything.”

“How is that possible?”

“Élodie she said something-”

Sorrel lays a tentative hand on my shoulder “Carina who is Élodie?”

Suddenly I remember about Blaise. He fell off my horse but in all the confusion I completely forgot about him. I spot him underneath a pile of corpses dragging him out. It’s evident from the blood seeping from his head that he won’t last much longer but hopefully the wound to his head will make him sufficiently confused so I can finally be able to learn what he has been hiding from us.

“Why did you deliberately commit a crime so that you would be put into Interficium?”

He looks dazed and he barley manages to slur. “I.. I.. I thought it would be the easiest way to kill her. I wanted to.. make it look like an accident”

“Who were you trying to kill?”

“The special one, he called her the special one, he told me to be careful because she sees things- she knows about things you regret.” The loud clattering of horses’ hooves makes me start and when I look down Blaise is dead. 

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