Forever Yours (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Simon had a niece called Madelyn. Maddie for short. She had to live with her uncle Simon for the summer. She soon has to go to his meetings,and meet newborn stars!!!But when she meets One Direction she instantly loved them! She falls head over heels for Harry Styles,the cute,cheeky,and flirty one.
But does he like her back?
Does she want to go home?
Is a member of One Direction falling in love with her?
Find out more by reading this book!
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5. What A Wonderful World


After the sleepover 4 days ago,.. Harry and I have been hanging out with each other alot.

Today he asked me to meet him at the park. I cannot believe just 2 weeks ago I moved to London to work and probably make a living here and I end up with Harry,a raise,and a whole new me.

I keep a journal now and Harry showed me his last week. I write in it all the time and I'm pretty stoked to see how I thought back then in the future.

Now, on to more important things.


What am I going to do about her. I talk to Coutney all the time.She told me about her trip to UIC,and how she meet a cute boy named Austin. I tell her about Harry and the boys, and the really warm weather we have in London. She tells me the whole thing got WORSE. She's planning revenge on Courtney and I. But more on ME. Anyway,she told me that it's rumoring around town that she asked her aunt who spoils her to take her to London for the rest of the summer.Of course her aunt said yes.....

Now what am I going to do?

Should I tell the boys?

Anyway,I should think about this later now since I'm probably going to be late to the park date with Harry.So I quickly brushed my teeth,curled my hair,put some blush,mascara,and gloss on, i put on my soft serve blouse,delight shorts,and blueberry sneakers with my hard candy shades.

I got my purple shoulder bag that had my iphone,wallet,gloss,and pepper spray. I need to be safe so,...don't judge me,....

I also got my miniature umbrella because it was drizzling outside. I went outside and walked to the park.

When I got there,Harry also had an umbrella with him.

And a picnic basket.

 "Maddie!!!Over here!!!!" he shouted.

I ran to his arms feeling his warm,gentle arms embrace me as if both of us will fall any second now.

"It's raining Haz...we won't be able to have our picnic like you wanted..."

"I.Have a different idea." he said with a sneaky grin.

"Haz!Tell me now."

"I love it when you're mad." he said as I put my umbrella in my bag.

"Shut up."

"I will. If."

"If what Styles?"

"If you kiss me." he said smiling.


It was a good kiss. Not like the fireworks one but more like beautiful little baby butterflies taking flight.


"Okay." I said quietly.

"Let's go."

He took me by the hand and we walked around the town in the umbrella. We finally got to a medium sized house.

It was beige colored and had a red tinted roof. It looked cozy. Like Harry.

"Is this your house?" I asked.

"Yup since I was a child. C'mon I'll show you around."

He took me to the backyard first. It was really big. There was a swing set there and we were playing on it. We were also playing tag.He tagged me and we both fell on the wet ground. But it stopped raining. 

"Tag,your it now."

"No.You are." and I kissed him.

We both got up and walked into the living room. It had a very comfy couch and he had a radio and t.v. he turned on the radio. 

"This is my favourite song!!!"

"So,you're in to the oldies,huh?"


"And I think to myself, what a wonderful world....."

"Hahaha Haz!"

"I'm just playing with you."

"Okay. But just to make sure...."

I kissed him on the lips.

"Harold I was looking through your laundry when-"

Was this Harry's Mum?

"Mum, this is Madelyn. Madelyn, this is my mum Anne."

"Call me Mum too."

We both hugged and talked while Harry just stared at us. He must of thought his mum would tell him to get out or something. I thought that too.

We had girl talk and she told Harry to go make dinner for the evening.

After he left, she showed me a bunch of pictures of Harry and her. She told me she knew that one day came.

"One Day?"

"Yes.One day that my Harry would bring in such a sweet girl like you and calling her his girlfriend."

"That never happened before?"

"Oh yes.But I never saw him quite as interested with the girls he's brung but now he seems to have much interest to show you to me. The day he came back form the studio he called and said 'Mum!I meet a wonderful girl and her name is Madelyn and I think it was love at first sight mum!' I thought he was just talking about a regular girl. But Madelyn. I realized since you came here, that you were very very very very unique."

"Thank you Anne."

"Call me mum."

She sat me on the couch and took out the baby pictures. 

"I never quite showed the baby pictures to his lady firends. But I thought I should show them to you."

Just then a tired looking Harry came into the living room.

"I'm done mum."

"Thank you Harry. Now come over here and sit next to your mum."

He came over to the couch with wide eyes like saucers.

"MUM!!!Your showing her the baby pictures!!!!!"

"Yes Harry.I thought she was the one to show it to. Continuing the next picture is my favourite! Me taking Harry a shower when he was a child. Look at those little bums!!!"


I giggled. She is so funny and nice! She is the most friendliest person I have ever met.

We spent the whole week there at his house with his mum. I had a fun time but we soon had to go.

What A Wonderful World.

Where off to next?


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