Forever Yours (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Simon had a niece called Madelyn. Maddie for short. She had to live with her uncle Simon for the summer. She soon has to go to his meetings,and meet newborn stars!!!But when she meets One Direction she instantly loved them! She falls head over heels for Harry Styles,the cute,cheeky,and flirty one.
But does he like her back?
Does she want to go home?
Is a member of One Direction falling in love with her?
Find out more by reading this book!
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1. Summer


Finally!!! It's summer and my adoring parents are taking me to London next week.

Who will I meet? What if I meet someone important?


I snapped out off my thoughts. Ms.Davis is the meanest teacher in the whole school. But, I have to live with it. :/

"Uhhh,Yeah Ms.Davis?"

"What is the answer for this word problem?

She wrote on the chalkboard with her squeaky chalk:

The figure above shows a circle with radius r and centre P and an arc of length 6. The two radius shown are extended 3 units outside the circle. There is an arc of length x, which is part of a larger circle (not shown) also centered at P. What must x equal?

A) 9

B) 12

C) r+3

D) pi(r+3)/3


"Umm is it,-"

Ring Ring Ring

Yes I was saved by the bell!!!

"Remember class study for the ACT test for next year!!! I'll be here next year!!!!" Ms.Davis was hollering over us while we were getting ready for our Lunch Period and exiting out the door.

While I was walking toward the lunch room I saw my friends Courtney and Yuri walking towards the Library.

Courtney was known as the geek in fashion. She wore a sort sleeved blouse,turquoise suspender skirt,and matching sneakers.Suspenders are her specialty. 

Now Yuri.I don't really know how Yuri became our friend anyway.She was the total opposite of us.

Yuri was known as Dramatic - Fashion Foreword - Prom Queen. She wore designer clothing. To Frankie Morello Tribute to It Girls. Today she wore Dots Dots Shirt, Beige Jacket, Frou Frou Skirt,and High Street Sneakers. 

Today I wore my Mini Skirt, Long Sleeved Shirt, and Stacked Boots.

"Hey Maddie!!!" said Courtney waving.

"Hey! What's up?"

" Oh my god!!! I can't wait for summer to start!!! You better send us some pics Mad!"

"Okay! But your going to Chicago Court!!!"

"For a medical program. It's in the University of UIC!!!"

"And you Yuri!!! You're going to Paris!!!"

"Yeah it's just to visit my aunt.But I'll definitely send you pics of the Eiffel Tower and my new wardrobe!!!"

"But Maddie," said Courtney. "You're going to London!!! There are tons of Universities there!!!"

"And in London, there are more than enough Modern fashion there to shop!!! It would take weeks for me to buy my whole wardrobe there!!!!!"

"Yeah it's just that I won't be able to hang out with you guys during the summer. I got a summer internship with my Uncle Simon in his recording company Syco Records but I have to live with myself in a apartment by myself and he already landed me a job at Starbucks and he gives me 500 dollars every week of the summer and-"

"How is your Uncle Si giving you 500 dollars every week a BAD thing?" said Yuri.

"Oh,....It's just that I won't be able to hang out with you guys and I'll be all alone." I said.

"Don't worry everything will be ok. We will Skype,Kik,Twitter,Tumblr,Facebook,....ANYTHING!!! Ok?" said Courtney.

" Ok." I said.

What I was really scared about was what if I meet new friends and don't really care about Courtney and Yuri afterwards???? Oh well. I'll go pack at home,say goodbye to my parents,and hop on a plane to the UK where my Uncle Si will meet me and show me my apartment and my work. 

When we got to the Library, It was really loud. Why is it loud???? Courtney was going to say something when Courtney's crush,Gabe Garcia, came to invite us to his party this night.

"Can't wait to see you guys there. See you later Yuri." he said winking at her.

"Disgusting!!!" said Yuri when Gabe was gone. "How many times do I have to tell him I'm not available!!!!"

"As many times as he doesn't know your real name." I said.

Earlier in the year,Courtney and Yuri were in a huge argument and Courtney took me away into the principal's office. Courtney thought of finding Yuri's permanent record to find out Yuri's First name when we found it we saw Yuri's actual name. 

 It was Yuriana Anahi Santiago Lopez.


"Ha.Ha.Ha.Very FUNNY Madelyn." said Yuri as Courtney was already in her fit of giggles.

Just then The CCPC came.

If you don't know who the CCPC's are,They are the Cool,Cute,and Popular Crew. They try to make our lives miserable!!!! Especially Yuri's because she left them for us. :)

"Hey someone forgot to throw the TRASH away." Quinn said as she pasted by us. Her parade followed GGGing. (Giggling,Gossiping,and Glossing.)

After they past us, I asked Yuri,

"Are you going to that party today Yuri??? Because if you do they will squash you like a roach there!"

"I'm not THAT stupid Madi. I wasn't even planning to.Anyway,I'm going to pack my stuff away for Paris and I'll be back on The last week of Vacation."

"What about you Courtney?Are you going to that party?"

"I wish I could but I leave tomorrow and I need to get some REAL rest."

"What about you Madi?" said Yuri.

"Unfortunetly,...I leave in around 20 more minutes."

"WHAT!!!" said Yuri and Courtney in unison

"Yeah,...and me coming back is still indecided....."

"Oh my and we haven't had a goodbye party for you!!!!" said Yuri.

"Madi!!! You're the only one who gets me!!! Don't leave me!!! I 'll come back three weeks before school starts and I'll be really sad!!!"

"What about Skype and Twitter and-"

"FORGET THAT MADELYN WE MIGHT NOT EVER SEE YOU!!!!" said Courtney.Her eyes were already filled up with tears.

"Well,I have to go now.Thanks for supporting me into going to London,..."

I went off before they saw me with tears in my eyes. What if what they're saying is true? I might never see my only friends again,.....

London, Here I come?


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