Forever Yours (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Simon had a niece called Madelyn. Maddie for short. She had to live with her uncle Simon for the summer. She soon has to go to his meetings,and meet newborn stars!!!But when she meets One Direction she instantly loved them! She falls head over heels for Harry Styles,the cute,cheeky,and flirty one.
But does he like her back?
Does she want to go home?
Is a member of One Direction falling in love with her?
Find out more by reading this book!
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7. Niall







I got up,took a shower, put on baggy clothes on. Went to the kitchen and heated up ravioli from last night. Got out a silver spoon and took out a pint of ice cream from the freezer. I think it was,... I dunno Rocky Road? Anyway the door bell rang.



"I'M NOT HERE!" I shouted.

"Maddie.I know you're in there."

"No I'm not."

"Okay then,..."

"WAIT! Who is it?"

"Wow Maddie I cannot believe you don't even know your favourite person...."




After the park I broke down and cried for half an hour. I finally had enough and called Niall because I knew something was wrong with me. My hands were all bloody from Throwing a vase and my make-up was all smeared and everything. After Niall came, he became my favourite person in the world.

I ran up to the door and opened it. There was Niall with two brown grocery bags in his hands. I grabbed one and motioned him to come in.

We put the bags on the kitchen counter.


"Guess what I brought?"


"I brought,..."


He got both of the bags and dumped them on the counter.

On the counter were my favourite movies, pints of ice cream, and my favourite thing of all,.....



"Yay!!! Thank you Niall Your the best!"


I jumped and hugged him. It felt wierd. A good kind of wierd..... =)

Anyway, we went over to the couch and put in a random movie.

The Notebook.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FLASHBACK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 "This movie is so romantic Haz!"

"I thought I would dedicate this movie to us."


"Because it's kind of like us. How we love each other,..."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FLASHBACK ENDS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Tears began to blur my eyes. 

"Are you ok Maddie?"


 I grabbed the control and turned off the television.


"I remember I watched this movie with Harry..."

"Oh Maddie....I didn't know. I'm so sorry,...."

"Niall don't be."


                                                  DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG

"Are you expecting someone Mad?"



I got up and answered the door. It was Harry. I felt like I was going to fall down but Niall was right behind me and held me tightly around my waist to keep me from falling.

All of the sudden, I just kissed him on the lips. 

"Did you feel something?"


"Did you feel something?"

"Ummm no....."

"Good. That means that you don't feel the way we did before. Good bye Harry."



I closed the door on his face.

I didn't want to see anymore of him. Not any.


"Are you okay?"



"Yeah Nialler?"

"Look at me."


I turned around and stared at him. I had never seen him like this before. His hair,... and eyes. His smile. And his lips,.....

Wait. Why the heck am I looking at his lips for????


"Yeah Niall."

"When I met you Maddie,... I knew Harry was going to do this to you. He hits on every girl we met. I didn't care at first. But then,.... when I saw you with him,... in his arms,.... I just thouht that,.... we would be,..." 


He looked at the ground.

"Maddie,...I just want you to be happy.... ok? Because,... I love you Maddie.... I love you."

I stared at Niall.

                              Do I love Niall too?

                                                                 Did I just did this one mistake,... that will lead me to my true love?


"Niall,... I love you too.."


And I kissed him.


I kissed him,... but i just didn't feel the same way when,... Harry and I kissed.

It felt much different like you feel that you're in a wierd dream and that you don't want to wake up from it.


We kissed for a little while longer before we just stared at each other.


"I'm such a bad kisser... Am I?"

"Niall. You are a very wonderful kisser."

                                      He stared at me for a while.

"Get your jacket."

"Niall,.... why?"

"Get your jacket. We're going on an adventure!"

I laughed.




I grabbed my beige fur jacket that was on the counter and my Iphone.

He put on hiss leather jacket and we left. 

He opened the door from his black mustang for me to get in the passengers seat.

I hopped in and we drove off into the sunset.

I think I will survive all this madness.....

I think.

We spent the whole afternoon together just hanging arond the forest preserve. He took me to feed the deer at a deer feeding preserve. We went shopping for clothes and shared ice cream. With the same spoon! Harry was just looking at us.... staring,....

What was he thinking of?

                                                   Did he actually love me when we dated?


                                And if yes,... Why did he kiss Yuri?

I saw Yuri,... she was shopping with a guy at Hollister.

I went up to her and slapped her in the face.




She had wide eyes.

"Cassie, what is she talking about?"

"Oh so you're lying to him too aren't you?!?!!?"

"What I don't know what you're talking about!"

"You know exactly what I'm talking about! Your name isn't Cassie it's Yuri."


"Just stop ok Yuri,... stop the role pla-"



I turned around. It was Harry.


"What do you want now Styles?!?!?!"


I looked back at the girl.

She looked like Yuri.

But she WASN'T Yuri,....

"Oh my gosh,.. I am so sorry!"

",...It's okay. Don't sweat it."

"Thanks, I'm Maddie by the way..."

"I'm Cassie."

"Well I'll see you around."

"Yeah you too Cassie."

I did the most embarassing thing!!!!

Hopeful this won't happen any more.

"Your welcome."

"Shut it Styles."

"Why would you do that?"

"Why wouldn't I done it? Because Styles...."

"Do you still love me?"



I turned around It was Courtney!


I ran to her and hugged her with all my might.

I missed her so much.

"I missed you!"

"I missed you too!!!"

We talked and she met Niall. Niall and Courtney got really well along together. Courtney was part Irish so they related alot.

She moved into my apartment for the summer.

Summer Vacation is almost over.

Two more weeks left....

What will happen then?

After I leave?

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