Forever Yours (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Simon had a niece called Madelyn. Maddie for short. She had to live with her uncle Simon for the summer. She soon has to go to his meetings,and meet newborn stars!!!But when she meets One Direction she instantly loved them! She falls head over heels for Harry Styles,the cute,cheeky,and flirty one.
But does he like her back?
Does she want to go home?
Is a member of One Direction falling in love with her?
Find out more by reading this book!
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4. Know You Better Now


After the day I spent with Harry, he has been visiting me at home. Turns out he's irresistible!!!!


We have so much in common.

We have a pet cat

we like tennis

 and badminton

we both love tacos 

and have fear of roller coasters

I felt really warm inside me.I haven't felt like this in a very long time.I think the last time I felt this way was when I was about 10 or 11 years old? I liked this boy,....I found out he liked my best friend. They ended up being together and me and my best friend aren't friends anymore.

That's how I met Yuri and Courtney.

Yuri and Courtney!!!! I forgot!!!!

I went over to my laptop and turned it on.


I logged on to twitter and the first thing was this.

@Maddie15 is a stupid girl and should kill herself.

@Maddie15 is crazy and how could she do that to her best friend??? She's a LONER now and deserves it.

@Maddie15 you should already be seeing these messages.Here's a hint.I'm not your friend anymore.I'm not Courtney's friends anymore which is good.I got my reputation up at the party and I now got Gabe. Don't talk to me.Your a nerd and I CANNOT talk to a nerd.... LONER!!!!! :D HAHAHAHAHA You and Courtney aren't anything anymore.

How could she, could Yuri do this to me.

@CutieYuri Me and Maddie don't need YOU. You could be with Gabe and we won't care.Don't come to us when you need something and they treat you like the trashbag you are.

I need to write something quick before it gets ugly.

@CutieYuri If you really don't need us the n we should post everyone your real name right?

Oh god!!!!! What did I just do???

@Maddie15 I think we should say her full name.Please do the honors Maddie.

DM: @Maddie15 Please Mad!!!!!Don't!

DM: @CutieYuri Too Late....

@CutieYuri Yuri's real name is Yuriana Santiago Lopez

@CutieYuri What kind of name is that????


@CutieYuri Wait til this gets around the whole school YURIANA!

@KarenGarza I think it already did! HAHAHA

I went to delete my account. YES I AM SURE!!!!

Finally all this drama is over.....

"Maddie,I brought the guys here so you could meet them alittle better." said Harry.

"Haz!!!Are they here???" I said. 

I only have my sweatpants and Real Noob nyon sweater on.

"They are. I'll tell them to wait alittle so you could change...."

"Thanks Haz."



He looked down. "I think you look beautiful the way you are..."

And with that he closed the door.

I quickly changed into my purple sky shirt, black skinny jeans, long blazer, and white high tops.When I finished changing I realized what Harry had meant. He liked me for me......

Did he like me for me?

Does he like me.More than friends?

Well he ever find out that I have a super huge crush on him?

Just then someone knocked on the door.



"Are you ready?"

"I am." I took off my long blazer and put on my favourite knitted sweater.


I walked out of my bedroom and while I was walking towards the living room,I put my hair into a messy bun.

I walked in with all eyes on me.

I was shocked.

They had normal clothes on not like in the office last week.

"Hey Maddie." said Niall.

"Hey Niall."

YESH!!!! I remembered their names. It would have been embarrassing to call him Louis or Zayn.

After everyone said their hellos we sat down on the couch. I sat between Harry and Niall. Louis laid on the floor.And Liam and Zayn sat on the other couch. We turned on the T.V and put the movie in. 

When the movie was done everyone was already asleep except for Harry and I.

"So,...did you like the movie?" he asked

"Yeah It was actually good."

"It was great."

"Yeah,...ermmmm great."

"So I guess it's time to go."

"Since they look so asleep,you guys could sleepover."



"Okay.Thanks Maddie."

For some reason I just want to kiss him.....

"Your welcome..."

I walked over to him and kissed him. It felt like fireworks. I didn't feel that way with Stefan,....

Why Harry? 

He kissed me back. We just starred at each other for a while.



"Can I tell you something?"


"I felt fireworks when we kissed.It felt-"


"More than good. It felt great...."

"Let's go to sleep."

I lead him over to my bedroom. He kept on his undershirt and underwear. I put on my shorts and he offered his white shirt. I put it on.

I went off like a light.

My dream was really wierd...

I was at school and there was couches instead of lockers. Harry was at my school.

I got up and sang Baby I by Ariana Grande. (It's a really great song tho....) Anyway, I sang it to him and we both kissed and got married and had children...

Is that a wired dream or what???

Anyway,I got up and the rest of the boys were watching us. Niall looked a bit hurt. I wonder what happened to him.That's when I realized Harry was in bed with me.And I cannot believe I hadn't noticed his arms around my waist. So welcoming a nd warm and gentle.

When they realized I was "waking up (even though I already woke up) they went out of the room.

I woke Harry up. But before I did,I stared at him for alittle. He looked like an Angel when he's sleeping.... and when he's awake. I gave him a peck on the neck,then on the chin,then on his cheek,his forehead,his eye,his nose,finally hios lips.He smiled and woke up. 

"You know I woke up when the guys were here right?"

How embarrassing!!!! He saw me staring at him and giving him kisses. I just didn't know what to say.

I smiled and looked down blushing like crazy!!! He chuckled.

"Babe,it's ok.I was kinda looking at you too when you were sleeping."

"Okay....let's go make some breakfast."


When we were half way down the stairway, he grabbed my arm.

"What happened Haz?"

"Maddie,does that mean were a couple now?"

I didn't know. So what should I say? We kissed and it meant nothing to me so no we're not a couple. 

I do like him. I never had a boyfriend before.....

I guess we are a thing now since I like him and now I know he likes me back.


He kissed me full on the lips and I felt the fireworks again,,,,,It was amazing!!!! I had to tell Yur- 

Oh no,....

I did something to Yuri....

Yuri is probably trying to track me down now that I told her secret.


now that I have Harry,...

What if she does something to HIM?

I pushed that aside.

I'm crazy...that would never happen......



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