Taco Ringette.

2 Tacos that really want to play ringette but there parental units will not let them! They go to an alternate universe and, it is called ringettelandia! They can play ringette forever until...


2. ringettelandia?

pov. Amanda 

So, IT'S COLD HERE! Like really cold, Vicky's meat froze. like is solid. when we got there they gave us jackets? Like 'here not that you walked 4 miles, froze half to death, spilled toppings and had pretty much the worst time ever. Want some hot coco and a jacket?' Vicky pissed off and started yelling at them until they gave us a sweet in the 5nacho hotel, gave us passes to watch ringette games and SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS (each) 

I was all like thank you, thank you. and Vicky... well you know she exploded...

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