Taco Ringette.

2 Tacos that really want to play ringette but there parental units will not let them! They go to an alternate universe and, it is called ringettelandia! They can play ringette forever until...


1. Do something!

POV. Amanda 

Amanda was in her bathroom changing her vegetables. (her filling was vegetables) Her friend Vicky had beef as her filling and she was frying it. See Amanda was a vegetarian and Vicky was not. So Amanda and Vicky were in the bathroom changing there fillings. '' I envy Clara for playing ringette!'' said Vicky in a low key voice '' I know, I know me to'' Amanda awnsored in a verry calm voice. That was the voice she knew would calm Vicky the most. ''I just wish our parental units weren't such MEAN FACES!!'' Vicky has started to raise her voice now. '' Vicky shut it your going to wake them up.'' sais Amanda in a hushed tone ''Where are we going any way?'' Vicky asked ''Somewhere where we can play ringette.'' Amanda moaned. '' Where?'' I could tell that Vicky was loosing patience. '' We are going to an Alternate univerce where we will be able to play ringette forever!'' Amanda said loosing patience as well. Vicky said she would go. As they traveled to Soybeanlandia, they found the portal and whent through it...

When they arived there was a sign saying 'WELCOME TO RINGETTELANDIA!'

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