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1. ChapterOne:

Abbie's P.O.V


"Louis lets go on this one" I screamed happily.

"Okay" he said flashing a wide smile. Ah. Life is just so perfect right now. Hopefully it will last. Right now me and Louis are at the fair.

Who is Louis you say?

Oh just my amazing bffeiwclfe. (Best friend for ever if we could live for ever.) we have known each other for 11 years today.

We rushed over to shockwave and smiled at each other. Is he thinking what I'm thinking..

"FRONT ROW" he shouted.

"HELL YEAH BABY" I screamed.

Before we knew it , the ride had ended. I swear Louis was going to throw up at one stage. We just went on the first ride in Europe what is a stand up roller coaster , awesome!

"That was so amazing , we must go on it again" I said smiling. But Louis looked a bit uneasy.

"Wait , Abbie I have to tell you something" Louis said giving me a nervous smile.

"What is it lou bear" I said smiling at the new nick name I invented.

"Remember how you use to say how erm well erm well er-" I cut him off.

"Louis just spit it out like how you would spit out sprouts" I said trying to make him laugh. But he only sighed.

"I've applied to go on x-factor" he blurted out. I looked at him and he looked really scared. I smiled.

"That's fantastic Lou , I can't believe it , I told you that you could sing , but no you didn't be-"

"Abbie that's for the judges to mark on , anyway I could be crap for all we know" he said frowning.

"Aww don't say that! I think you are perfect , amazing , brilliant , the judges would surely agree with me"I said. it's true though Louis is fantastic at singing , I caught him one day singing while he was having a loo.

That's why I call him Lou some times. Oops. But he doesn't seem to catch up on that.

"Thank you Abbie for being the bestest friend anyone could ever have" he said pulling me into a big hug.

"And thank you Lou for being the bestest friend anyone could ever have" I said basically copying him.

We both pulled apart and smiled.

Just then two boys walked past us talking to each other.

"My best friend is better than yours!!" Louis shouted at them causing me to laugh.

They turned round and looked at us. They seriously don't look happy.

What we are only 16 can't we joke about. Well that's if Louis was joking... Oops. Probably not. Oh well. I smiled at grabbed his hand.

"CANDY" we both shouted out. We immediately started to laugh.

End of flashback*

Why couldn't life be so much easier. It was only two years ago. Yet everything has changed. I don't know who I am no more.

Louis and I , our bffeiwclfe has been a hole lie. He doesn't know who I am. Yet I remember him. Ever since that day when he told me he was in a boy band , and made 4 new brothers..

He just stopped calling me and texting me.

I don't understand. Why did he just cut me off like that? Did I mean anything to him?

I sighed and looked up to see Mrs Foster walking around shouting at random people for no reason.

"Psst" I heard a voice.

"Hm what" I said looking behind me. But no one looked at me.

"Psst at the side" I turned to see hope smiling at me.

"Stop day dreaming about how hot your crush is and get your work done , Mrs Foster will go mental if she saw your work" she said smirking.

I looked down to see that I have done nothing for the past 45 minutes. Wow that was the longest day dream ever! Awesome! I should do this more often. Oh wait I do. Oops. Sorry not sorry.

"ABBIE , LET ME SEE YOUR WORK" Mrs Foster shouted , coming over towards me. Shit shit shit.

Hope quickly tossed her work to me and I placed in my desk and quickly started to shade some random parts.

"Here Mrs , you like" I said smirking.

"Good try , too bad it says Hope Watkiss at the top of the sheet" she said looking furious. Crap crap crap.

"Stand out side no--"

RINNNNNNNNG!!!!! The loud bell went off.

"Oh sorry Mrs but I have to go now , class is over , and I have better places to be" I said smiling.

"Wait till next lesson Abbie , I will have a serious talk with your parents if you carry on like this" she said angry.

I just smiled and grabbed Hope out the art room.

"Damn the plan didn't work" Hope said laughing.

"Why did you put your name down"I said confused.

"Why wasn't you doing your work" she said smirking. That little biscuit!

"I was er---" I got cut off.

"DAY DREAMING ABOUT FI----" I quickly smacked my hand against Hopes mouth to shut her up.

"I wasn't in fact I was just dreaming about my past and stuff , like great memories" I said smiling. But Hope still thought different.

"Hmm whatever I'll let you keep telling yourself that" she said.

"Anyway school has finished now , and I'm starving , want to go maccies (McDonalds)" Hope said. Typical , she is always on about how hungry she is and she never puts on weight. Lucky!

"Sure , I think I'm going to have a...."

"BIG MAC" we both shouted , creating lots of stares at us. Oops...

I need to stop saying that.

We ran out of school skipping happily down the hill , to my car. Yes car , what I'm 18 I have 4 months left at school. I have a nice black convertible.

We jumped into my car and drove fast to maccies.

We made it safely , and I carefully parked my car.

"MACCIES HERE I COME" Hope shouted making me laugh. We both ran inside and ordered our Big Macs ... Okay and 2 milkshakes.

Just then one thing by one direction came on making me scoff.

"Ugh I hate one direction they are stupid gay idiots" I said really sad. I haven't told Hope about Louis and I'm not planning to either.

"I don't know why you hate them so much , there amazing if you just give them a chance" Hope said.

"I rather not"

I just don't like them. They took Louis off me. They made him forget about me! I will never like them. They destroyed me.

Hope just nodded and unwrapped her burger and started to eat. I was just sipping on my milkshake having a day dream about Louis.

"DONE" Hope said burping at the end , making me jump from my day dream.

"Wow 3 hole minutes and you drank all your milkshake and ate your Big Mac.... Someone was a hungry girl" I said laughing. She laughed too.

The song had finally changed to fray don't let me go (never say never)

'Some things we don't talk about

Rather do without

And just hold the smile

Falling in and out of love

Ashamed and proud of

Together all the while' shit shit don't sing along Abbie you can do this!!!

'You can never say never

While we don't know when

But time and time again

Younger now than we were before'

Fuck here we go...

"DONT LET ME GO , DONT LET ME GO , DONT LET ME GOOOOO" I screamed the chorus... Everyone looked at me. Hope was creasing so much she fell off her chair. Awkward.

After finishing the song , I think everyone had left maccies. I scared them off. Aw :(

Hope was still on the floor laughing her head off. Okay maybe I can't sing to well , and okay I screamed but still !

The only talent I have is playing the drums and the piano! They are my life.

"OH MYYYYY GOOOOODD" Hope screamed.

I turned round with wide

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