To be Honest...

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What would happen if Tris didn't choose Dauntless at the choosing ceremony? Would she go with her gut and choose abnegation or follow in Caleb's footsteps all the way to Erudite. What if she went a different honest one?

A thrilling story about Beatrice Prior's journey through Candor as she faces her fears and becomes true with herself... But should she?


3. Chapter 3

“Dishonesty is rampant, Dishonesty is temporary, Dishonesty makes evil possible.” That was the first thing Kristin told us during initiation. “Therefore you will be taking a few truth-detector tests, to test your honesty…”


I was brought into a room with a large black armchair, which I sat in, before me was a woman “I will be here to ask you the questions,” was all she said before connecting a few wires from box to my fingers.”


“Now, What is your name?”

“Beatrice,” The box ignited green – good

“How old are you?”


“What faction are you originally from?”


“Why did you move?” – That, I didn’t know. Why did I move? I decided to go with the easy answer.

“I wanted to be truthful…”


That’s how it went, day after day, question after question. Same woman. Same room. Eat. Questions. Eat. More Questions. Eat. Sleep. I hated it.


On the day before the final test was the same drill. I went into the same room, was asked the same questions and ate the same lunch of peas and chicken. Abnegation food. As we went back to the transfer initiates’ dorms after lunch we were informed that training was cancelled.

“I have to prepare for the final test tomorrow.” Said Kristin “I will see you then. Be prepared. After tomorrow you will be fully fledged Candor.” No one had told us what the final test was but there was a rumor going around that it had something to do with truth serum.


When the rest of the transfer initiates left to shop or enjoy the outdoors, I sat on my bed and faced Sarah “What is the final test?” I asked. Before coming to Candor I would never have dared to speak to someone first.

“Truth serum,” she replied, apparently not fazed “We have to tell everyone our deepest secrets.”

My heart sank, what if the truth serum told everyone about my divergence? Would I ever be safe? I remembered Tori telling me that Divergents could resist some serums. I hoped that this was one of them.

That night I skipped dinner, too worried about what was to come of me.


It was the day of the final test. I woke with a huge pain in my chest and got changed into a white blouse and a pair of black shorts. Nothing I would have worn in Abnegation. Looking around, I could see that the other initiates were nervous too. All the people I hadn’t had the courage to ask of their names were tying their shoes without the normal amount of chatter.


We entered the training room also without a word. A few benches surrounded one of the black armchairs from training. At the edge of one of the benches I could see the Erudite representative Jeanine Matthews “Under normal circumstances the final test would be done elsewhere.” Said Kristin from the doorway with a sharp edge to her voice “But there is one person who feels that she needs to observe the final tests of some of you. Because of this, we’ve needed to make the truth serum usually used on initiates stronger. No one can resist this.” Jeanine’s eyes locked mine and stayed there. She knows.


Person after Person initiates went up and told their deepest secrets… Their fears…. Their hopes… Their Ambitions…


Finally, my name was called. I looked into the shadows of the dimly lit room and saw dauntless guards. They were probably protecting Jeanine but I couldn’t help but notice them stiffen as I had the needle ejected into my neck. I cringed.


“What is your name?” said Kristin, her voice was as crisp as the air outside, sending shivers down my spine.

“Beatrice,” I replied.

“Why did you choose Candor?” My lips seemed to know the answer before my head did.

“I wanted to be honest. I wanted to find myself.”

“Do you like being in Candor?”

“I like the concept of honesty but I don’t like the faction. No.” Kristin was right.  I couldn’t resist this serum.

“What are your deepest secrets?” I exhaled as a sob passed my lips. I knew I was going to die.

“I’m Divergent.”

I saw one of the guards lift their gun. A searing pain burst open in my chest and the edges of my vision went black. There was another shot. This one at my neck. There was so much pain and my entire body felt numb. I slid off the chair and onto the floor. Lights flashed before my eyes. I felt Sarah run up and sit before me but I knew it was no use. The scarlet blood trickled down my side. Will I go to heaven? Was my last thought as I took my final breath.

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