To be Honest...

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What would happen if Tris didn't choose Dauntless at the choosing ceremony? Would she go with her gut and choose abnegation or follow in Caleb's footsteps all the way to Erudite. What if she went a different honest one?

A thrilling story about Beatrice Prior's journey through Candor as she faces her fears and becomes true with herself... But should she?


2. Chapter 2

I glared at the specks of blood on the carpet from where I stood behind James Tucker and the Candor born initiates. In the heat of the moment I had cut my hand too deep, it was still bleeding. I tore the end of my old Abnegation grey shirt and wrapped it around my bloody palm


When the last girl made her decision – Amity – It was time to leave. The dauntless exited first. Followed by Erudite. Followed by Candor. I observed a small girl in front of me waving at a dark-skinned Candor who had transferred to Dauntless, giving her one final goodbye. I needed to see my parents one last time like the candor girl needed to see her sister so I drew my eyes away from her and looked back towards Abnegation. I immediately wished I hadn’t. My father’s eyes burned into mine, he blamed me for moving, blamed me for Caleb moving. I didn’t know why, I just knew he blamed me. Beside him, my mother was smiling, despite the fact that both her children had abandoned her, she was smiling.


I was pressed foreword by the Candor. Away from my parents who would be the last to leave. I caught Caleb standing amongst the Erudite and conversing with an Amity transfer. The easy smile he wore was an act of betrayal.


I was dragged out of my thoughts by the whooping and hollering of the Dauntless as they sprinted down the stairs. Dozens of thundering feet moving at different rhythms. A concussion of sounds that are not even close to organized thuds I’m used to. Should I be with them? With the dark-skinned Candor transfer and the tall Erudite one?


There was no point in regretting it now. I was Candor. I was honest. I filed into one of the three lifts in the hub as I heard the Abnegation begin to stack the chairs. Always the selfless. Behind me came a few more Candor and a couple of Erudite initiates. As the lift’s doors began to close, a hand shot between them. Making them reopen. I couldn’t see who wanted to get into the lift so badly until they started shuffling their way past all the other initiates and toward me.

“Cale-,” I began but wasn’t able to finish because I was embraced into a tight big-brother bear hug.

“Beatrice,” he said between my hairs as the lift broke into action. I felt my stomach drop and I was caught out of breath. I had never been in a lift before.

“Beatrice I’m sorry,” he continued, “I should’ve told you…”

Getting over the shock of seeing my brother I realised who was standing in front of me. A Traitor.

“You’re going to get killed over there… Did you here dad… they hate us…we hate them,”

“Beatrice… I’m not dad… I can me remade there… maybe you should too… in Candor… We’ve been fed lies all our lives.”

“Lies!” I croaked, pushing him out of the hug. “Our father is not a liar! You’re just saying that because you want to believe that Erudite know everything, well guess what? They don’t!” There was no reply. Just a shocked expression, his green eyes opened wide.


We didn’t speak for the rest of the ride and when the lift came to an abrupt halt, I left without another word. Without a backward glance. My brother was truly a traitor. I scanned the crowd looking for the black and white clothes that represented my new faction, my new life. 

As I caught up with the crowd, I noticed them all turn towards me. It is uncommon for an Abnegation to transfer factions, especially to a faction that is so unlike their own. A few more initiates showed up and we turned to leave the Hub. A few people at the front of the crowd stumbled back as the Dauntless flew through the corridor and burst open the front doors. We followed in a much calmer matter.

Outside, the air was crisp and cold and the sky was orange from the setting sun. It reflected back onto the black glass of the Hub. I looked up and gave a great sigh. I didn’t have to wait for anyone, I didn’t have to courteously stand by the door and open it to any passers by. I was free.


The Candor filed into their own personal vehicles while the initiates were called over by a tall woman in front of a pair of busses, she wore a smart looking suit with a knee length pencil skirt. She was probably in her thirties or forties with blonde hair that was cut into a bob and had piercing black eyes.


“Hello initiates,” She said with a wry smile. “My name is Kristin, I will be your mentor over initiation. Onto the busses.”


I filed onto the further of the two busses, something Abnegation would do. As I sat, I noticed Candor-born boys making wild gestures and arguing about something further on in the bus, they were smiling which means that they were enjoying themselves. Was this what I signed up for? Days and days of arguing for pointless reasons? Enjoying being in a fight?

A dauntless transfer girl who sat in the row behind me traced my sightlines to the boys and smiled. “Don’t worry, they’re not all like that. That’s Robby Pedersen. He and his mates love to argue. My cousin Christina was Candor and we both use to have converse about out factions.” She giggled, “We must have liked the look of one another’s so much we swapped…” I forced a laugh. “I’m Sarah,” she said, holding out her hand. “Beatrice,” I hadn’t shaken a hand before. The Abnegation greeted each other by bowing heads, a sign of respect. I uncertainty took it and shook twice, hoping I didn’t grasp it too hard or not hard enough.


Minutes later, as the bus pulled slowly to a stop I jumped out next to Sarah. Was her cousin the Candor girl I saw running down the stairs? They looked the same. Sarah was tall and willowy with dark brown skin and chocolate eyes. The only apparent difference between the two was the fact that Sarah had long hair, Christina had short.


We stood in front of the Merciless Mart. My new home. I didn’t know what to expect as I couldn’t see anything past my reflection in the glass doors. I looked tired from the day’s activities and my blood had seeped through the cloth on my hand. Kristin opened the door and we stepped into the lobby of Candor headquarters. It was large and well lit with black marble floors. In the center of the room was a large white ring of marble tiles with the candor symbol in the middle. A set of unbalanced scales.


We were led into an open cafeteria where I guessed we would have our dinner. There were rows upon rows of different foods to choose from. In Abnegation we never had the luxury eating of different foods so that night I slept with a full stomach, happy at last. Then came the morning.

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