Population Pink,

When Evie discovers the only remaining left of an extinct species, she has no choice but to protect the rare character. The male character. He has no name. No age. No voice. Just a note. He was left to fend for himself since he was born, it was a wonder that he had survived. There he was, that paper, those words, the ones that he could not understand. 'Stay strong, you're supposed to'. Written by the law breaker. He was born just before it was too late, before nature had taken over. The years in which she too was born. One of many. A female. But was it by chance, or circumstance that she, Evie Barns, would come across the only surviving male?


1. Where it all started,

Something happened. Something natural. Something bad. Something fatefull. Very fatefull. Well, some blame it on fate anyway. I, for a matter of fact, believe otherwise. But that doesn't matter. Im Evie, Evie Barns. And you are? Well, that doesn't matter either. What does matter is that you listen. Because the chances are that by now something terrible has happened to me. And if so, that was not by fate.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, alive today is of the same gender. Female. Well thats what we thought. For some reason or other they found too many girls being born, and now, they're basically everywhere. They couldn't stop it, of course until it stopped itself. No more arguments about the stronger sex, the more capable of running a country. No choice. Males are of another species. A species with one main difference from us. No, not that. They were extinct.

And now you wonder...well what about me? How do I exist? Well I do. I am for a matter of fact one of the youngest to ever live. Sixteen. And so they treasure me, as I would be of the final generation. The one that would see the last of this world and its history. Its dying population. 

For my father, my other male ancestors, along with the rest of ours, thats another story entirely. Well not entirely. You see, because of the sudden majority of births becoming female, people started to question the future. And by that, I mean leadership. At the time, two very important people were running for election. One male. One not. 

The female belived that if our world would some day be run by females, she should set an example. The thing is, some agreed. And it all went wrong. She decided that males were...insuficient. And so she cluttered her army with them. All of them. And others followed. They fought eachother. Whatever age, size, or build. And to cut it short, they all died. Thats why they can't find out. It's why I hid him. My friend. Mr no-name. 

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